1. Oliver

    what a PRO!

    Hola spywar :)
  2. thegame


  3. S


    i try looked everywhere for ESEA and FACEIT cheat, when you are on the client, but some says that you cant cheat on FACEIT atm. Can someone help me? :) Where can i buy? BEST THNX TO ALL!
  4. D

    1st day with cheat

    i have tried couples of cheat provider such as h*xui and unity, after a day with LC I found out that this is the most legit cheat I ever use. even I compare with my friend who is using h*xui. He tried so hard to be legit but with ToX help with settings, he made me a legit and strong settings for...
  5. S

    Quick Question

    Hello My friend wants to by LC for me and was wondering how he should do it?
  6. SinterJuice

    Thank you! & Refered a Friend!

    First off! I have been playing CS for 10 years now. Although I understand the risk of playing with program assistance I just want to say its been a blast trolling people that are using aim bots with no regard for trying to hide it :) best program I have ever found. Even got my noob friend who...