1. Jimster480

    Automatic Compensation Processed

    Hey all, Hope everyone is enjoying the new update! Everyone who logged in at least 25 times from 4/15/18 to 5/15/18 received 1 month of service. Everyone who purchased from 5/15/18 to 6/1/18 received the days back that they lost when LC3.0 wasn't yet out. Please feel free to download the new...
  2. M

    Before I buy...

    I'd like to start off by saying hello to everyone. I have been browsing these forums for some time now and have heard a lot of positive things regarding the cheat. I do however have a few questions. My main goal if I were to purchase the cheat would be using it on FaceIt, serverside of...
  3. amnez1k


    hello i wanted to ask you a question guys I have 1 year on this forum and used lc only one time one month because after that i was forced to use faceit ac and faceit ac wasnt bypassed by lc so I didnt used anymore this cheat now the lc 3.0 bypassed faceit ac and i want to use it to play on...
  4. N

    First two weeks.

    Even if it's only two weeks, I feel I can give my first impressions. As a player who never cheated, I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, but I wanted to try, just for curiosity. I purchased, and the first day wasn't easy. I had a problem with the aimbot not working properly, so I contacted...
  5. T

    Thank You LC

    Good morning, I just wanted to say that I loved the attention and help with cheat activation. So far I have had a good view of the community, very attentive and this is what we need, someone to rely on! Special thanks to Jimster480 for helping me and for the patience you had with me. Attention...
  6. SyPh

    wsup long time ago | more videos for u guys

    hello everyone, it was a while since I was here on the forum and cheated, just wanted to check how everyone has it and if they are old, who played when I play with leagueCheats btw, thanks for all the comments on my pistol 4k legit :) here are some more clips legit playing no hacking...
  7. T

    Latest 3.0 Beta News, New Recruitment and Much More! [Updated]

    Hi, Probably everybody is waiting for the main LC 3.0 release :) Sadly our team decided to not release unfinished project until Jimster fully secures it. What does it mean?. Right now we have few different layers of protection, but when it comes to multi billion company.. They will have enough...
  8. N

    Gamersclub Question

    i clicked on the buy page and i have one question,if i buy the 35$ cheat i will be able to use on Gamersclub?Cause i want to cheat on Gamersclub only
  9. Jimster480

    Happy New year's!

    Happy New Year's to everyone wishing everybody a great 2017! Sent from my HTC 10 on Sprint
  10. CarlPoppa

    Pretty funny

    Everyone talks about how shitty and asshole cheaters/hackers are but from reading around this forum for awhile everyone seems so nice and respectful lol.
  11. VladimirPutin

    FalleN's aimbot on point

    https://imgur.com/yIGJ7Ak Like really, human is not able to aim straight line like this..in 0.15s. This is physically impossible. Oh wait, it is possible, it's called linear aimbot, am I right @Jimster480 ? No wonder they became superior team in less than 2 months VaultBoy Although coldzera is...
  12. K

    honest review

    First of all , and most important thing this community is awesome , everyone is friendly , everyone is trying to help everyone , something you won't see everywhere. :) I can say I'm a good cs go player but with LC I am like a God of cs go , I didn't believe in God before , now I do if you know...
  13. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats Forum Restoration / Updater Possibly Limited Connectivity

    The website and updater server went down today due to the massive connectivity failure that happened to OVH NA after an 800gbit fibre bundle was cut in a lake early this morning. The connectivity has been restored to many (but apparently not to everyone yet) more and more will have connectivity...