1. aciufu

    One Month Review

    Just got some time to write a review for LC, so I said maybe it will be useful for some new costumers. I'll be honest to say it's really a good legit cheat. I used it a few times on mm and I have two important remarks to make (I mention that I was a GE before using any cheat): 1. Managed to...
  2. Hantoszi55

    New VAC system, LC Safe?

    Hi, I dont rly know what they added but what about leaguecheats? It's still fine to use it without vacation?
  3. BFZ

    LoL too much head shot but still legit.

    That was i say, this cheat is so ultimate.I feel doesn't waste any time to wait :D,It's feel worthy more than. and anyone are waiting for active truth me Worthy>Waste :) ps. Where should i set an option to HS to much?,i mean about normal kill and some HS kill. Thanks :D
  4. Z

    Resolution + safe launch question

    Hi I read that LC works good only in FHD and you need to change settings for every other resolution. Is it true? Are there any available settings for 800x600 res? Also I want to know if I have to do anything more than just turn on CS and cheat. Are there any advance things I must do first?
  5. K

    How does it stay undetected?

    Im not asking for the source code,(even if i knew how to code lmao)Im asking how do you keep it undetected.Do you have an auto obfuscater in it?