1. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats CSGO Cheat Update 10/10/18

    Hey all, Just updated the cheats to fix any issues with the new CSGO versions released last night. These versions broke the Armor ESP with Heavy/Helmet/Scoped Detection as well as Aimbot Scoped detection and flash reduction/removal. These new versions today fix all the above issues. Please use...
  2. Whosdaiz

    bans ?

    hi im looking into buying a cheat to use on my main account. i have heard a lot about the quality of lc and was just wondering if anyone can tell me if the cheat has been detected before and how long ago and how often thanks in advance
  3. K

    How long since VAC / FACEIT ban?

    The title please :)
  4. C

    Last detection?

    I was reading some comments about this cheat and it seems really cool. I just wanted to know when the last detection was for this cheat? How detectable is this cheat?
  5. wolfie.416


    Hi all, can you tell me when the last detection for the multi-hack csgo cheat was (non-league)? And all other previous detection yet? Thanks a lot!
  6. D

    Last detection/ Multi League Version

    Hey, I want to buy the cheat regarding the new update and the faceit support. When i buy the league version for 35$ now, will i be able to use the new update or is it a complete new build? And when was the last detection of this cheats from vac or leagues? Thanks for your answers :)
  7. jesus123

    Quick Question

    1. What features are UD on FaceIT? (Can I use Aimbot?) 2. When was the last Cevo detection, and the last FaceIT detection? 3. Are the anti-cheats on the main page updated?
  8. P

    last detection!

    I wanna buy this cheat for csgo and wanna ask a simple question! When was it the last detection for csgo cheat ? Thank You!
  9. N

    pre sale questions

    1.last detection you have skin changer? 3.are the all knifes non buggy execpt shadow daggers falchion and butterfly knife? 4.if i buy multihack does it have stream safe visuals like chams and glow.
  10. C

    Last Detection and Linking Account

    When was last detection and how does one "Link your account" Also, will there be a Christmas Sale and if so when. Thankyou
  11. Jeff


    I'd like to ask simple question how many times was this cheat detected(Valve anti-cheat) in the past, and when was the last detection. Thanks
  12. J

    Detection Rates

    What are the detection rates of this cheat, Like is it gonna be like 6 months, then vac? Or if this is not the case, when was the last player banned?. And was using this cheat?
  13. P

    Some Questions (faceIT, Detections, etc)

    Hi guys, I'm not really new to the scene, but actually its the first time, I heard something about leaguecheats. Before I would by the league version, I want to know some things: 1. How many detections did you have in the past? And when was your last one? 2. Settings on faceIT: Can I use...
  14. O

    Thinking of buying cs:go

    Hi. Currently I'm using a cheat provider that im pretty happy with and has a good price and was a very long time ago since vac detection. I have a couple of questions: I will only use this hack on FaceIT and MM so I will only need to buy Non-League version? When was the last VAC Detection?
  15. NiikisNiik

    Presale questions

    Is this cheat undetected on FaceIT and Cevo When was last detection.
  16. dasguyhere

    Detection Rates

    When was your last detection and how long was your run prior to that?