1. jake224

    MM gameplay against a waller and a deagle clip

  2. T

    first game using LC

    not the best clip but wondering if it looks legit :p
  3. N

    first week with lc

    Hello community, wow what a great cheat. The customisation is so nice, i can change my settings in so many ways. I really love this. I played 6000h clean and I was good. With the cheat i do a high skill jump its feels so great. Yeah I have little problems. An example is the Smooth aim, I don´t...
  4. D

    4k 1v3 deagle + random clutch

    Did a crisp clean deagle round bois. My first game with lc (haven't used it in about 6 months) Got more clips but only took the rounds that I enjoyed to win. All is recorded in pov demo 64 tick.
  5. Mank Demes

    Insane 1v5 Deagle Ace and RIfle Ace

    Hello my friends so the settings i used in the video are coming out tommorow i finally got the chance to record me using them and here are two of my best clips. Deagle Clutch Rifle Clutch
  6. S

    Problem loading hack

    When i load my hack and start csgo, the game just start without hack. i play with 1280x1024 this is my settings. ; [Auth details] ; username= password= ; ; ; [ESP settings] wall=0 wall2=0 dlight=0 decay=0 autointensity=0 intensity=14 radius=100 dteam=1 crosshair=0 esp=2 box=1 boxsize=71...
  7. LCp0wer

    Insane FlickShot & Ace

    Hello! I hope everyone will like it) Sorry for the bad quality! My first video. Liked the video?=) Click "like":)
  8. meninodaartic

    Pistol ACE

    Just another day, kidding on MM HAHAHAH --- Double-post Merged (Please used the edit button) --- Deagle ACE
  9. jake224

    New Deagle Settings 128tick

    Deagle Test Normal Speed Deagle Test 25% Slower Speed Does this look legit to you guys?
  10. SkyDaz

    4k Deagle Cache

    Watch and feel the LC power :))
  11. rtgames1

    Is my deagle rage?

    Frags - My settings - deagle_aimbot=1 deagle_aimkey=2 deagle_fov=1.60 deagle_rcsfov=20 deagle_aimright=0.00 deagle_aimheight=0.00 deagle_smoothaim=2.00 deagle_supersmooth=2 deagle_multibone=0 deagle_bone=8 deagle_bone1=7 deagle_recoil=0.00 deagle_recoilx=0.88 deagle_crosshair=0...
  12. L


    Could anyone help me out with recoil settings I just can't seem to get it wright. It's just like without using a cheat I have to do it my self :P Resolution=1366-768
  13. SyPh

    | Deagle 4K | Edit |

    go like and follow my youtube please (Btw im new on editing and youtube so be nice) cya
  14. T

    Why LC > all? Full aimbot showcase + 25% demo speed included (Triple zoom on crosshair)

    Triple zoom on crosshair + 25% demo speed clip included (Used almost all possible LC's features such as Autoshot type2 supersmooth etc..) Perfect AK accuracy 15:15 Pistol 17:11 Deagle
  15. JECKY1

    Ace with deagle ggwp

    Hey guys ! I again apologize for my recording video on the smartphone: DDDD on this video I use 9s 6ss fov 1.35
  16. knox.ini


    Enjoy :D
  17. albanerendk

    "That looked so obvious"

    I'm mostly honest about me cheating, and sometimes when I play with a friend he'll say it looks obvious. So I recorded with Geforce Experience(real-time) and even there it looks legit :) I'm gonna send him the video and see what was so "obvious" hah. I fucking love Jim's cheat :p He thought...
  18. navysonar

    They Call me Out ! Need Feedback !

    Hey guys, Last night I played a game of MM, and the whole enemy team called me out the I was using Hacks, I finished the game with 31-17. I dont use any visuals , only AB , TB Can you tell me If I could get OW Ban with this game. What should I improve so I don't get report like last night...