1. Myth

    Leaguecheats config from YouTube

    I've bought LC before in the past but never had enough money to buy a personal config. I was browsing your YouTube channel and saw the video where Tox was showcasing a free config. It looked amazing, is it actually free on the forum or is it a paid config? Thank you.
  2. M

    Non league Multi cs go

    Hello, i have just bought it, few questions after acces, on forum could i find all settup for playing?(configs) Non league multi- where it works? only mm, or faceit also?
  3. Ferre

    Questions before buying cheat

    Hey guys, i was just introduced to leaguecheats by a close friend of mine. I have some questions before i go on to buy the cheat tomorrow morning. 1. I've read on the forums that the league version is faceit proof with right settings. I'm wondering if i can get an example for these "right"...