1. Myth

    Leaguecheats config from YouTube

    I've bought LC before in the past but never had enough money to buy a personal config. I was browsing your YouTube channel and saw the video where Tox was showcasing a free config. It looked amazing, is it actually free on the forum or is it a paid config? Thank you.
  2. Virus1x

    Need a good video maker.

    I want someone to help me build frag videos for my configs and your videos will be here on LC. I'm accepting applications now. Perks will be you get lifetime to all my configs and 24 hours of pro lessons at no cost. This is a labor of love not a paid gig. Apply below or send me a pm. Please...
  3. M

    Non league Multi cs go

    Hello, i have just bought it, few questions after acces, on forum could i find all settup for playing?(configs) Non league multi- where it works? only mm, or faceit also?
  4. Ferre

    Questions before buying cheat

    Hey guys, i was just introduced to leaguecheats by a close friend of mine. I have some questions before i go on to buy the cheat tomorrow morning. 1. I've read on the forums that the league version is faceit proof with right settings. I'm wondering if i can get an example for these "right"...