1. S

    Tomorrow is 1 year since faceit client

    hey guys, Tomorrow it will be 1 year since the faceit client has been launched, and it will also be almost 1 year since we were promised that LC would support faceit. I have few friends that bought LC because they thought that the support was coming, and they now feel like they got scammed...
  2. Aleixo

    Applying to beta

    Hey, is it still possible to apply to the beta of lc 3.0?
  3. Nobody

    My first 2 weeks

    Support: 10/10 Every time I have an issue or question, not only the staff but the community itself is very fast to give you answers and help so you aren't waiting around for hours to fix your problems. Aimbot: 10/10 Had my doubts, but after 2 weeks I can honestly say unless you are completely...
  4. M

    Working on GC anti cheat ?

    Hello guys, i wanna know if the cheat is detectable at Gamers Club ? here
  5. B

    Eac and faceit related question

    Eac works now? And does psilent work in faceit? Thanks
  6. Admin

    PaySafeCard payments temporarily unavailable

    PaySafeCard payments are temporarily unavailable due to an issue with the payment processor, we'll let you know when it's available again. Alternatively while we wait on the payment processor to fix this you can buy BitCoin using PSC from and use pay with...
  7. J


    eac is running without risk of ban ? You can use esp ?