1. 40 kills with a 75% HS

    40 kills with a 75% HS

  2. Kyle62

    Counter Strike Is Weird

  3. pikachu

    Destroying noobs - LC power <3

    I hope you enjoy. HDD wiped now. I will come with more clips as soon as I come back to play :p I don't use ESP or triggerbot.
  4. L

    Back to using LC :D

    My first game for a while :D
  5. mins13


    colrzera good player KappaKappaKappaKappa:D:D:D 13 second - 0.25x
  6. Sluqx

    In Tribute to the old LC times ♥

    Those clips were recorded shortly before the wave hit us, enjoy.
  7. Sluqx

    Some MM clips of today

  8. anden

    Some other decent clips. (C-FPL)

    Found 3 clips on my old usb stick. First clip was FPL qualifier and the others just some regular MM games with friends :)
  9. NiikisNiik

    We Need Demos Again!

    Hey all Niik here and its that time again where I go around and collect your demos to be shown off in the next League Cheats video! This time around we would prefer all demos and clips from everyone participation in the beta 3.0! (.dem files only) But if youre not participating in the beta we...
  10. FD^GoD

    Just relax with LC

    Now all clips are recorded with Action program :p
  11. unholy

    Short clip - double kills

    Made a short clip :) the clips from cache are from the same match and the one at mirage was against a rager, eez
  12. NiikisNiik

    300 FPS Clips for you?

    Hey all, Just curious if i was to upload all the demo recordings from your clips that you sent in including the cinematics for that clip would you be interested in having those to give your hand at editing them as well? All clips would be already be recorded in HLAE with the name change. Let me...
  13. Aqqure

    Training Editing Skillz

    SORRY I DONT KNOW WHAT SECTION THIS IS SUPPOSED TO GO : so i want to train my editing skill and i dont have any clips basically so if you want me to edit some of your clips upload them listed as private video on youtube and i will download them and edit them :)
  14. makz0rz

    preview of my project before it's done :)

    no this is not meant to show off and frags or skills in this vid, its just for editing purposes so before you complain "ugh i can't see the clips" "so bad cuz i cant see the clips" well I edit for editing not to show off some clips in like a fragshow P.S remeber this is not finished, some...