1. Vader_FanBoy

    Natoshaphix cheating?

    It really seems like he's using an aimbot on the second kill at 1:40. I never really thought that Nato was a cheater but some of the kills in this video look really fishy. What do you guys think?
  2. Fedda

    HWID Simple question

    How do I change it? To avoid ban
  3. ogdunderzubbi

    My LC experience

    From not having much cheating experience at all to cheating all day everyday. I'm a person that is "pro"-cheating, in other words I accept that people do it. Like in all sports you can boost it with amphetamines and steroids while esports have complex code and adderall. (Lol) I feel like it...
  4. VAULT1909

    Q about faceit.

    If i were to open the faceit client whilst playing does it prevent me from being forced to use the AC if I get reported too many times? Also, does anyone know how to bypass being forced to use AC if it does happen?
  5. ConesWithObama


    i currently have an active esea account on my main and when i get my esea or faceit cheat i dont want to get my main esea banned. To avoid a ban or to get back onto esea(or the faceit client) after a ban, am i right to say i need with: ip (i have a dynamic so not a problem) HWID (i have a...
  6. baronkp

    What should I do in my life? Go PRO or nah?

    Hello, I'm top playa. @ToX can confirm this. Should I move to US? How's NA CS:GO scene? Have you ever lived in the US? Do you have any advice for me? Etc etc.
  7. CarlPoppa


    Steam being ddosed by poodlecorp ;c R.I.P
  8. H

    My Testimonials (Havent even recived my mail yet) ;)

    Hello boys n girls. Ive read some testimonial threads & all the posstive threads about LC being the best and secure & really on point excites me. I've not seen one negative thread about LC, wich make me happy & even more excited. I havent been playing for months now, and my skills have...
  9. Aaron

    I thought they fixed Teleporting?

    (14:29) You can tell it's recent due to Autimatic being on C9 and FalleN being on SK (Autimatic was not in C9 at the time of the re-join bug)
  10. R

    24 hours, still no cheats

    1KA31347Y55670141 is my transaction ID Really need this by 7 pm E-mail to the gmail I created the account with.
  11. jazzo

    Cheat Questions.

    I used to use inte*w*bz , I used Leaguemode but due to their shit setups and a wait time of 8+ hours for their cheat to create you a build i decided to kick it. No chance of any untrust bans / detection bans from the cheat / No leakage ? Silent aim options to be able to have a big advantage...
  12. M

    Few Questions

    1) Is this still running cause latest update news are from November i think? 2) What are the payment options? 3) Can you use visuals for leagues? 4) Can you set up a weapon config? ( Like RCS for AK but not for p90) 5) Can you set triggerbot hitzones? 6) Is there something like bomb/item esp to...
  13. forthefiat

    Question about CEVO

    I have been looking around and I have seen that this cheat is undetected on cevo, so how high could the FOV and the Smooth be before it looks unlegit / detected by cevo (or admin)? Also when can we see visual assistance being undetected on CEVO? Looking to buy a month to test it, and if I like...
  14. C

    CSGO pre-purchase questions

    I am heavily into competitive matchmaking. With that being said I have a few questions I need answered before I decide what features are best for me. I am looking to play like I am very professional while still looking as legit as one possibly can using your hacks. I am a global elite and made...