1. abbetappe

    When is Pro League avaible for everyone?

    I was accepted in beta before but now u have new rules to apply and I can’t apply bcs of it. When/ will the Pro League be avaible for everyone?
  2. shigetora

    Question about LC 3.0

    Hello currently I am only needing 2 more post likes but thats not part of the question ;) I am not 18 yet and I live in a very rural town and i've never heard of a thing called "proof of residence" or something like that, i do not have a car license or anything like that. If i would like to...
  3. Zoichooey

    Any league being supported?

    Pretty sure I can apply for 3.0 if I get one more month of League, are there any leagues that are still supported? I do know that you guys have some issues with Faceit.
  4. Aleixo

    Applying for Beta (Question)

    So, after a couple of weeks of inactivity I'm back and just renewed my sub, just wanted to ask if there is a way where I can apply to Beta without being 18 y/o. (I'm 17 atm, only 18 in october). If not, then when will I be able to get access when I'm 18? (in 6 months).
  5. L

    Purchase problem

  6. W

    lc private

    how can i apply for the lc private? would like to get the faceit version not the GC one.
  7. mess

    Pro league version

    Hello, I would like to buy the pro league version but I do not see any price and when I click on buy now nothing happens.. Thank you
  8. Black Hat

    3.0 Release

    When does 3.0 publicly release?
  9. M

    Faceit Client side AC

    Do any of these cheats work for client sided AC, ive been seeing a lot of cheaters on faceit lately and it's even with premium and AC on. I'm willing to pay whatever!
  10. sewi13

    Pro league

    Hello, Im looking for a cheat where I can use the faceit client, if I understand this right the pro version supports this? Just want to make it clear before purchasement! Thx in advance for answers!
  11. amnez1k


    hello i wanted to ask you a question guys I have 1 year on this forum and used lc only one time one month because after that i was forced to use faceit ac and faceit ac wasnt bypassed by lc so I didnt used anymore this cheat now the lc 3.0 bypassed faceit ac and i want to use it to play on...
  12. Fellin001

    requirements for pro league cheat

    hello there I want to buy the league version of the cheat but would like to upgrade to the "pro" league cheat when it is out of beta access. what kind of requirements do I need to fulfill to be able to buy it. also does anyone know what the price would be?
  13. S

    Pro league cheat

    When I can buy the pro league version, who bypass faceit Client-Side ac ?
  14. S

    What are the requirements for PRO version?

    As the title says, What are the requirements for PRO version? I'm really interested in purchasing it,
  15. Aleixo

    Applying to beta

    Hey, is it still possible to apply to the beta of lc 3.0?
  16. Wh1te

    WHAT IT IS Ability to apply Beta 3.0 and Beta Access

    WHAT IT IS Ability to apply Beta 3.0 and Beta Access . How I can get it ?
  17. D

    A quick question

    Since lc 3.0 need you to have a subscription in a cheat for 2 months, do the HL1 cheats apply aswell? Or only CSGO cheats, and is a skin changer a possibility in lc 3.0? or does that make a cheat detectable.
  18. Anthraxx


    I only registered a few days ago for this virtual type of assistance xD. Now I was recommended it by a friend and i can say that i have been enjoying it and find it one of the most powerful cheats out there atm! KQLY! Now some of the leagues here in Australia use EAC for protection and I am...
  19. S

    Open beta?

    How can you call it an open beta when its only for certain users and you need to apply for it?