1. chimichangas

    Legend is back

    Im finally back A quick update since I were last here in 2017. I made it to the pro league, I had great fun but I stepped it down a bit. So now Im here again, I hope to see some of the users that I talked to everyday 1 year ago. Feels good to be back
  2. R

    Help with setup

    I'm relatively new here, I got to buy the cheating once but I had many difficulties to configure according to my taste. After interminable adjustments I ended up leaving LC aside and moved on to other platforms, but I know how much of this cheating is safe and strong if well configured. At the...
  3. J

    Cheat recommendation

    Hi! I haven't played cs for a while and started to feel the drive to wreck some bots again in matchmaking. So my question is which one of the cheats should I buy if i'm only interesting to use wallhack on matchmaking and a cheat that don't get detected very often? Best regards!
  4. Guilford

    GoodBye guys!

    Will not talk much, just want to say thx to LC for 2 beautiful years. Sadly, I go to other project because can't get there 3.0 of many requests. Im rly focusing on FaceIT AC bypass, because of FPL league after 10 lvl. Already starting playing in LANS and etc. So wanna say thx, hack was really...
  5. R

    Excited to start cheating with lc again

    Just subscribed again after not using the cheat since getting banned on main in October. Got bored of grinding and decided to get lc so i can fuck shit up without having to practice a shit ton so I can actually have a life and focus on studying as well as cs. Linked my account and currently...
  6. D


    Hello i thinking about to join the cheat ( i had 3 month sup)again after the wave.I must have 6 for the beta right ? i need then 3 month more for the beta? or again 6 month ? is the cheat save now ? i know cheating is risky. best regards Desperado
  7. V

    Returning customer

    Hey team, Been a long term subscriber prior to the banwave that happened a few months ago where I decided to take a break. Thinking about making a return now and was wondering what are your opinions about the chances of Valve updating their anti-cheat and making it detectable again anytime...
  8. Thomisk

    Wasn't been here for a quite a time, I have a question.

    Hi. After the ut ban wave,I wasn't been here for quite a time. Is the cheat ud again how it was before ? Or are you guys working on cheat security updates ? Thanks for any answer. Need to rebuy again,hehe :P
  9. X

    rip abs

    abitsmarter is gone forever as far as i know there website plays see you again rip that free and easy to get provider lol
  10. P

    PANZER VAC PROOF - carrying @xans (bot) on MM vs GAMERSCLUB PRO PLAYER --- BRUTAL

    They talk about my movements, they think that they are pro players. i'm not a pro player. IM A PRO CHEATER. configs by @1337xLeague .. Always @knox.ini -- we gonna arise again! LEAGUECHEATS.COM -- WORKS BETTER ON A 4K DISPLAY ;)
  11. Kuso

    Geo-Locked CSGO

    Well, I've used a VPN to buy csgo cheap many times, but this time when I did it, I selected the wrong country by accident. I didn't realize, so I tried to play, and of course, it said that it was the wrong territory. I panicked logged out of steam changed country on my VPN then logged back in...
  12. N


    LC still working in gamersclub with vip acess? if yes, just aimbot or league only wallhack work too? Thanks
  13. gwdavie

    Linking my account

    I recently repurchased LC and am currently waiting for activation but have a question. Do I need to link my account again or because I did that a few months ago do I just wait for activation?
  14. XXKIDDO420XX


    Hey. I just wanna tell all of you guys it was a great fun time with community. etc. Ive done some mistakes with being toxic. and now its time to go. Hope you guys are stil going to own faceit..
  15. chimichangas

    I am back baby! Road to FPL-C! 1v4| Sick USP-s

    Well, I am soon "Back" cause I lost my sub today, but also subbed again for around 5-6 hours ago xD btw, the fps went to h*ll for some reason with Sony Vegas
  16. jazzo

    When h*xui Gets Roasted
  17. jazzo

    My testimonial

    its been a while since i used leaguecheats but i remember every single moment i used it and totally rekt people and looked like a pro Aimbot:10/10 The settings are 100% configurable you would expect some features that you can't customize or atleast that is what i thought when i first paid for...
  18. Averageplayer

    old video

    hey, i remember that there used to be a video somewhere of one of you admins testing some lan settings with an m4a4, i think that the video was posted on a pre-sale thread, unfortunately i couldnt find it anywhere, i think that its unlisted on youtube was wondering if you mind to link it again...
  19. Ruop


    Asking for a friend of mine is the coder knows as "Vuno" legit? or is he copy pasta seller from what i've heard so far his reputation is bad what do u guys know about him?
  20. dasguyhere

    Detection Rates

    When was your last detection and how long was your run prior to that?