1. R

    Help with setup

    I'm relatively new here, I got to buy the cheating once but I had many difficulties to configure according to my taste. After interminable adjustments I ended up leaving LC aside and moved on to other platforms, but I know how much of this cheating is safe and strong if well configured. At the...
  2. J

    Cheat recommendation

    Hi! I haven't played cs for a while and started to feel the drive to wreck some bots again in matchmaking. So my question is which one of the cheats should I buy if i'm only interesting to use wallhack on matchmaking and a cheat that don't get detected very often? Best regards!
  3. D


    Hello i thinking about to join the cheat ( i had 3 month sup)again after the wave.I must have 6 for the beta right ? i need then 3 month more for the beta? or again 6 month ? is the cheat save now ? i know cheating is risky. best regards Desperado
  4. V

    Returning customer

    Hey team, Been a long term subscriber prior to the banwave that happened a few months ago where I decided to take a break. Thinking about making a return now and was wondering what are your opinions about the chances of Valve updating their anti-cheat and making it detectable again anytime...
  5. X

    rip abs

    abitsmarter is gone forever as far as i know there website plays see you again rip that free and easy to get provider lol
  6. panzer

    PANZER VAC PROOF - carrying @xans (bot) on MM vs GAMERSCLUB PRO PLAYER --- BRUTAL

    They talk about my movements, they think that they are pro players. i'm not a pro player. IM A PRO CHEATER. configs by @1337xLeague .. Always @knox.ini -- we gonna arise again! LEAGUECHEATS.COM -- WORKS BETTER ON A 4K DISPLAY ;)
  7. N


    LC still working in gamersclub with vip acess? if yes, just aimbot or league only wallhack work too? Thanks
  8. gwdavie

    Linking my account

    I recently repurchased LC and am currently waiting for activation but have a question. Do I need to link my account again or because I did that a few months ago do I just wait for activation?


    Hey. I just wanna tell all of you guys it was a great fun time with community. etc. Ive done some mistakes with being toxic. and now its time to go. Hope you guys are stil going to own faceit..
  10. chimichangas

    I am back baby! Road to FPL-C! 1v4| Sick USP-s

    Well, I am soon "Back" cause I lost my sub today, but also subbed again for around 5-6 hours ago xD btw, the fps went to h*ll for some reason with Sony Vegas
  11. jazzo

    When h*xui Gets Roasted
  12. jazzo

    My testimonial

    its been a while since i used leaguecheats but i remember every single moment i used it and totally rekt people and looked like a pro Aimbot:10/10 The settings are 100% configurable you would expect some features that you can't customize or atleast that is what i thought when i first paid for...
  13. Averageplayer

    old video

    hey, i remember that there used to be a video somewhere of one of you admins testing some lan settings with an m4a4, i think that the video was posted on a pre-sale thread, unfortunately i couldnt find it anywhere, i think that its unlisted on youtube was wondering if you mind to link it again...
  14. fukkerhd


    Asking for a friend of mine is the coder knows as "Vuno" legit? or is he copy pasta seller from what i've heard so far his reputation is bad what do u guys know about him?
  15. dasguyhere

    Detection Rates

    When was your last detection and how long was your run prior to that?