1. PunkCupcake

    "Open Beta"

    Is the "open" beta actually on-going right now? like are ppl actually able to play with beta clients? I want to buy the cheat but the "ANTI-CHEAT STATUS" only says the UD status for the BETA client. (its nice that it says LC 3.0 BETA* but there's never actually a reference to the "*" on that...
  2. B

    tf2 cheat?

    I Know when purchasing the css cheat it says it works for tf2 but i searched everywhere and I haven't found any screen shots or videos or anyone discussing if they have actually used this cheat for tf2 so i was wondering if this cheat is actually designed for tf2?
  3. B


    Actually i'll buy this cheat for langame is it good for langame? I think i'll play with smooth aim fov 2 with trigger 80ms or 100 maybe 50
  4. jazzo

    My testimonial

    its been a while since i used leaguecheats but i remember every single moment i used it and totally rekt people and looked like a pro Aimbot:10/10 The settings are 100% configurable you would expect some features that you can't customize or atleast that is what i thought when i first paid for...
  5. Yamakasinge

    TF2 MM

    Hello, Will you support tf2 matchmaking in the future ? You are the only safe cheat that I know for tf2.
  6. J

    Faceit aimbot

    I see a lot of other providers that are detected or semi-detected say you need to use a really low fov and a super high smooth to not get detected. Is that the same with this cheat, can you use settings that actually give you a decent advantage or is it still minimal because you will be detected?