1. C

    How much its the normal time to get cheat ?

    Just cirious what is the normal time after purchase to get the cheat i know that its max 24 hours but i mean the normal expect time ?
  2. hajs96

    Aktywacja ew dostęp do vip forum

    Nie da się jakoś szybciej uzyskać aktywacji lub dostęp do vipforum żeby zacząć szukać cfg na faceita ? A tak po za tematem dlaczego to trwa tak długo NotLikeThiswixSanic @edit ma ktos jakis filmik jak to obsługiwać ?
  3. Onlyforit

    HL1 updates?

    Hello all, I just purchased the HL1 cheats but as I wait for activation I was wondering if they all function properly and are up to date? I purchased them knowing that they probably are but I've used some in the past that are quiet outdated. Plus I'm just trying to get more info before...
  4. G

    how long i must wait for email?

    how long?
  5. O

    Cheat Activation

    Hey, Just bought the ESP/WH League cheat and i'm not really sure how to activate it. I have to link some account ti get vip acces or something? I have no idea what to do. Can any1 explain it to me pls? Ty boiz
  6. Fallen quer ser Deus 2.0


    I made the payment and for more than 12 hours, so far you have not answered what I do?
  7. westen

    Another retard here.

    Copied from another post: I just bought the cheat,but in the linking account i did this mistake: Username-Pass not Username Pass What can I do with the dash (-) ? When I do link account,then it says,that the pass or username is invalid. Do I need to wait for the jimsters email and then link my...
  8. daniels44

    Bout the Activation

    This is obviously not the first time im buying the cheat, but my question is: When I bought the cheat 2hours ago, and I put my FORUM username and login in that stuff, does it mean I dont have to wait for Activation only for VIP Sync yes?
  9. gwdavie

    Linking my account

    I recently repurchased LC and am currently waiting for activation but have a question. Do I need to link my account again or because I did that a few months ago do I just wait for activation?
  10. X


    how long till i get my vip?
  11. K

    Just bought 15 minutes ago, no VIP?

    Says i need to link account how do i do this?
  12. K

    buy hack

    I've purchased hack csgo $35 How do I get hack leaguecheats Or I need activation by admin
  13. Y


    When purchasing a cheat for 1 hour, I have get received the activation email。 but I already waited 54hours and more. i don‘t have VIP access qualification。 I NEED HELP
  14. Fazehaze1

    Questions Before i buy

    What's it mean By This: Remember to link your account to receive VIP access. Also Do I put a space where it asks for user and password or do I put a dash? Also Sorry For asking noob questions I'm new to LC
  15. B

    PSC cheat activation

    How cheat activation gonna look when i'll buy cheat throught psc?
  16. I

    Account activation

    Hello, I just buy the LC Csgo cheat right now. what i need to do to access the cheat ?
  17. J

    Stupid question from new customer

    Hi, I just purchased 1 month league cheat for the first time. I understand that my account needs to be manually activated, and I assume that when this is done I can access private forum and download, correct? Thanks
  18. D

    I have not received my VIP

    Hello, I bought hack from mar1k and i have not received my VIP. Help please
  19. R

    Non-League questions

    Hi, I had the cheat after jimsters re-launched it in like August 2016, Had a good run but eventually VAC banwave, has there been one since? Will I need to wait for activation, I had a sub before as mentioned do I need to change my HWID, I was in a different country before. Thanks
  20. A


    Hello guys, what about activation my hack? I'm waiting already more then 24 hours , and i didnt get any message about activation, can u help me with this? Thank you. =)