1. L

    Link Acoount

    Hi, for some reason when I try to link my account it says invalid username or password. I know that I am typing it the same as when I bought the cheat, do I need to wait for the activation to be able to link a account? Anyone help?
  2. K

    buy hack

    I've purchased hack csgo $35 How do I get hack leaguecheats Or I need activation by admin
  3. D


    i just purchased the cheats how do i receive them
  4. 1

    just bought :)

    looking forward to seeing how LC works. :) my name is to secure my anonymity obviously lol I didnt read what features it has. i was using a private cheat before made by a dude named clockwork. really good aim assist. but i just want a *lock* or something like a lock. i want to be able to HS on...
  5. navysonar

    No news after 5 days

    I purchase Multi cheat on monday , send a support ticket after 48h on Wednesday got told to wait for jim, its now been 5 days. I understand that jim must be busy , but what is going on ? how long will I have to wait ?
  6. Rofler1923


    can i get my refund if im not activated yet? i mean i will buy but not today, i need this money back im dumb i know
  7. J


    Hey guys how do you know when you are activated?
  8. L

    What now?

    I've just purchased the league cheat, now i'm wondering what do I do. Sorry if this is posted elsewhere!
  9. Rytme

    Just bought the cheat

    Hello, How does this work ? Howd do I download the builder and such ?
  10. chimichangas

    where to download?

    Hey, where do I download the hack?
  11. H

    It's been 24 hours

    it's been more than 24 hours, but not yet activated
  12. hjorten

    After purchase.

    Hello everyone :). Iam new on this forum. I have just bought this software, and my questions is where do i download it. Do i have to wait to my account get activated ? :).
  13. Pride

    Why not activate ?

    Hello community I bought LC MultiLeague through paymentwall , how long i must wait ? Sincerly Pride
  14. M

    Just Bought the CS 1.6 Hack

    So I just bought the cs 1.6 hack and I was wondering how long it normally takes to get activated?