1. jake224

    Deagle ACE

  2. jake224

    little ace from a while back and a clip

  3. R

    Pistol Round Ace

    Pistol Round Ace! I apologize for the black bars I play 1024x768 Stretched and I just got this clip so I didn't take the time to go into 16x9 res, I hope you can forgive me though! The video was just uploaded to youtube so if the res is super low it won't be in a couple min i record 1080p.
  4. Mank Demes

    Insane 1v5 Deagle Ace and RIfle Ace

    Hello my friends so the settings i used in the video are coming out tommorow i finally got the chance to record me using them and here are two of my best clips. Deagle Clutch Rifle Clutch
  5. ChrisTheKing

    1v5 On Mirage (Global) INSANE NO SCOPE!

    I was playing some NA Global Matchmaking with a few friends and was able to pull this 1v5 Ace on Mirage. I've been using LeagueCheats for around 8 months. One of the best cheats on the market and is 100% safe this 1v5 shows you exactly why. Enjoy!
  6. SantaS

    POV ace [ Some brand new settings ]

    Have fun. Sorry for my fakin 15 years old kid voice and I know you don't understand anything of our gipsy language :D but I liked this ace and decided to put it on here. Mention: I am global without cheats since I was 13 :P
  7. Imoxus


    Just a quick clutch / ace I got a while back with League Cheats. Nothing special. But enjoy :)