HL1 League Multi - Product specifications

HL1 League Multi
HL1 League Multi
The Basic HL1 League Multi Hack

Supported Games:
Counter-Strike 1.6 - ✔️
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero - ✔️
Half Life - ✔️
Half Life: Blue Shift - ✔️
Half Life: Opposing Force - ✔️
Half Life: Sven Co-op - ✔️
Half Life: Ricochet - ✔️
Deathmatch Classic - ✔️
Day of Defeat - ✔️(Dlights and Aimbot only)
Team Fortress Classic - ✔️

Showcase Feature list FAQ

Bone Aimbot
A legit aimbot that doesn't use any angle code that other competitors use. It aims in a legitimate fashion.
Name of the player.
When enabled it will draw a cross-hair on your screen, perfect for snipers, it also features an adjustable size.
Bone and Multibone
Adjust which bone to aim at or select as many Bones as you want.

Shows the current health of a player.
Text based in game menu for ultimate security, designed to look as inconspicuous as possible, can be totally disabled.
Adjust how smooth the aimbot is in its human-like drag.
Shows the current amount of armor a player has.
Anti Steam Screenshot
Disable the cheat when you take a Steam Screenshot
Adjust how smooth the aimbot is in its human-like drag.
Show if a player currently has a Kevlar vest, a helmet or both equipped.
Adjustable Menu location
Move the menu you like anywhere on your screen using X and Y coordinates.
See what weapon a player is currently holding.
Adjustable Menu location
Move the menu you like anywhere on your screen using X and Y coordinates.
Adjust the Field of View of the aimbot or percentage of the screen that the aimbot will target enemies from.[/B]
Weapon Ammo
See how much ammo you have left in the current clip.
Adjust which key the aimbot will use to aim.
Box Size & Box Multi
The size of the boxes around the players, adjustable to how you like.
Make sure you're only hitting enemies that you can see, or turn it off to get some sick wallbangs.
The distance of each player from you.
Visible checking on enemies with close enemy.
A box around each players model, adjusting with distance (new rectangle box type).
Aim at One Target per press of the AimKey (Aimbot Doesn't Hop to Other Targets even after death).
What action or stance the player is in (Running, Ducking, Jumping, Scoped etc).
Randomizes the Spot around the target bones, making your aim look more humanized and legit.
Team ESP
Toggle ESP on your teammates.
Amount of time that the aimbot and Aimbot-RCS is active for, after you press the aimkey.
Visible ESP
Different color ESP for visible & non-visible players.
Ammo Management
Disable aimbot and TriggerBot when the gun clip is empty.
Different FoV for players with in a certain distance (CloseFOV Distance).
Aim when shooting, aim when not shooting.

Start recoil after x bullets (Good for 1-2 Taps).

Adjust the recoil counter while using the aimbot.
Adjust which key the anti-recoil is set on. (For all Aimbot Keys)
Control if recoil control is always on or only when using the Aimbot
Adjust how long the Recoil will stay stuck to the target, very usable for when playing at a LAN.

Product Information

Windows 11 Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7

Pricing information

1 Month
Renewal cost
3 Months
Renewal cost
1 Year
Renewal cost