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HL1/CS1.6 Cheats Update Again

Just put out an update for the HL1/CS1.6 Cheats.

Offsets fixed
Security Increased
VM Optimized

Bone Aimbot Fixed
Weapon ESP Fixed

Injection issue fixed!

Available on the updater as usual :)

CSGO Updates this morning!

All updates are live on the updater as of a few minutes ago!
A few changes today!

Menu Available in CSGO Menus (Don't have to be ingame to use Cheat Menu)
Multi-Core Rendering Improvement (Still in Mid-Alpha stages), Fixed some crashes with Multicore Rendering On but not Multicore Aware On
Small Improvement/Tweak to X-Axis RCS

Happy Cheatin!

CSGO Updates

Small CSGO update released for all cheat versions.

Major improvements to the module protection custom VM implementation.
Increased performance and stability.
Small crash bug fixed.
Unique Checksum software updated.

More updates to come soon!


CSGO Updates Live This Morning!

More CSGO Updates!!
ESP/Multi League/Non-League all updated

Quick Breakdown
Multi Versions
New RCS - Spent hours last night tweaking it w/ the Humanistic Aimbot. Its on Recoiltype 3.
This is also greatly improved from yesterdays release (scrapped whole thing and changed the calculation points, etc).
Pixel ESP - Single Pixel ESP, good for looking legit (more options for this coming).
Triggerbot has its own menu.
DLight has a Enemy Only Option (Like ESP)
Antiscreenshot for Engine screenshots w/ DLights Added
Protection VM Tweaked again
Autoshoot added back into configuration files
Conf Bug from yesterday fixed
Larger default box size

ESP Versions
Pixel ESP - Single Pixel ESP, good for looking legit (more options for this coming).
Larger default Box size
Antiscreenshot for Engine screenshots w/ DLights Added
DLight has a Enemy Only Option (Like ESP)
More VM Tweaking (more than Multi Version for now)

Quick Frag Video from last night

LeagueCheats - CSGO Updates

CSGO Updates (Multi):
Triggerbot can be used independent of Aimbot (triggerbot 1).
Can still be used as part of the Aimbot (triggerbot 2)
Standalone Triggerbot has own Bone spots, its own drawing (Green Spots)
Aimbot distance is measured the same as ESP is now.
Box ESP Number 1 Tweaked so that the sizes change quicker
Smoothaim Accuracy Fixed/Mitigated, updated algorithm for more consistancy
& accuracy @ a distance.
New RCS Method (RecoilType 3) Built into aimbot, doesn't use a RecoilKey.
Values calculated directly into aimspot. Not in Triggerbot at the moment.
Tweaked Module Protection (Should fix the No Steam Logon bug a few were
Changed hooking protection
Fixed Bug with ESP/Aimbot not working on near fatal death enemy (random
Multicore Rendering Fix - Alpha Stages

ESEA Testing for League versions has been going well. In the next few weeks
there will be a large league-proofing update and that should make the
cheats proof on ESEA and possibly EAC aswell. I thank everyone for their
patience, as things are coded for leagues, they are heavily tested before
release to make sure that the methods are solid. This is how ban rates are
kept to almost non-existant levels.

Frag Showcase :)


CSGO Updates Again!!

Hey all!

A few cool changes, Box ESP got redone, there are multiple options now.
Aimdraw has a option for visible only (instead of it being on vischeck 2)
Vischeck 2 now allows override for visible check in super close quarters.
Recoil works on all the same keys as aimbot
Recoiltype 2 call fixed in certain cases
Clean ESP Adjusted for new box type
Aimbot Algorithm Slightly Improved
Hooking System Upgraded
Module Protection Methods Enhanced (again)
Team ESP Option (Show ESP on your team or not)
Menu Now has a slight tab for the inner menus (makes it easier to read)

Will be doing another update this week where the new font will be included with the package, and some other misc changes are coming like pixel ESP.
There is also testing going on for CEVO beta and ESEA.

A cool showcase done by one of our promoters!

And here is a nice Trigger Showcase done by one of our Staff:

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A little morning annoucement..

Hey all,
It was a busy weekend! Lots of website improvements, aswell as Cloudflare DDoS Protection being enabled.
Server upgrades and software upgrades!

Addietionally as of this morning the Non-League CSGO Multihack has been released.
The pricing is the same as the League ESP edition (60 Eur/3 Mo) or $75.
Also the pricing tables for the non-league ESP have been completed, aswell as yearly Options enabled again (at a decent discount too).

Also there are updates for the CSGO Multi Cheats (league/non-league), small change in the Aimbot (improvement in algorithm) and a small adjustment to the menu to make it look cleaner, and a small adjustment to the nesting of options. Also there was a small change to the protection mechanism that should address some crashing issues, while also increasing protection for some.

Attached to this post is a new Font that I am demoing for the cheats. If you are interested in using it just download it, install it and Set the font in your settings. The font is called Sony Sketch EF.

A pic is included below of the cheats with this font.


New Pricing Page (for USD Prices):



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Another Small CSGO Update (all Versions)

Hi all,
While the website was down yesterday (server upgrades, etc) I did a couple small updates to the cheats.
The League ESP and non-League ESP editions were updated (non-league ESP being brought up to most recent code).
I have also rebuilt the League ESP and Multi cheats last night to fix a crashing problem that was reported to me during the day. Also to fix an Auth failed problem which some people were receiving multiple times over.
If anyone is still having these problems after the latest update, please put in a ticket in the Support Center (located in the top nav bar of the website).
There will be more updates coming very soon, such as the refactoring of the Box ESP and a few more tweaks to the aimbot.
Additionally we are testing for the use of new Fonts and Will most likely package a new font with the next edition of the cheat for those who wish to use a different font that looks "cooler". :)

Happy Cheating!
Another little showcase :)

Leaguecheats Comeback!

Hi all,
As of this week LeagueCheats is making a FULL Comeback. After watching my old competitors ruin the scene and provide nothing but repeatedly detected cheats for the last couple years, I have decided that it is time for me to start actively developing cheats again.
While I will still work my full time job, cheats will be developed on a as-needed schedule with time set aside each week. My clients have enjoyed undetected cheats since 2007 and I intend to keep LeagueCheats at the top with the same records my clients have always enjoyed.

Despite what you may hear from anyone, the real cheats are here. The records stand for themselves. As the only developer to hold 2 million active cheaters undetected on VAC, you can rest assured that your account will not be banned by VAC.

For my first order of business to start this comeback I have updated and completed my CSGO cheat. It is now alot more than a simple wall/esp. It has options for a full aimbot as well as numerous other improvements to the ESP, Dlights, etc.
New pricing will take effect immediately and old customers renewing will be given a discount for this last years renewal!
Current customers are unaffected currently (until sub expires) and will be able to enjoy the new updates coming out.

So far the CSGO ESP has been updated and the CSGO Multi has been completed and released.
There will be normal releases of bugfixes and possible requested features built as time goes on.
HL1 Cheat updates are also planned for the next week or so.
All cheats sold from this point on will be on a subscription model for a monthly/3 month/1 year price.
Discounts will be available based on the time period bought for.

Sales pages will be up within a day.

Happy Cheating
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CSGO Updates Live!

All CSGO Cheats were updated today!

Lots of new changes and improvements!

ESP has 2 options for a "CleanDraw" with the boxes on. This will move the text inside or outside of the box itself.
Aimbot has its algorithm improved for distance filtering and FOV filtering (together).
Close Delta for a minimum distance required for the aimbot to "hop" targets if the button is being held.
Fully custom aimbot button, now the 4th aimkey option is for you to set your own key (in config file)
Config settings can be saved ingame (option in menu to save on close)
Fixed a Crash with the DLight system that would occur from time to time.
Cheat overall performance increased
De-globalized some variables
Increased security on module itself
Improvements made on security checksum software
Schema changed

Happy Cheating!
Here's a quick test of the close-to-finished version. More videos coming soon!


Call of Duty : Black Ops cheat updates released

Black Ops cheat updates have been released, please login to the updater to receive the update.
The changes for this version include :

Update to support the latest Black Ops Update

Hacks are still CEVO/ESL/VAC etc.. proof. Happy Cheating!

Call of Duty : Black Ops cheat updates released

Black Ops cheat updates have been released, please login to the updater to receive the update.
The changes for this version include :

Update to support the latest Black Ops Update

Hacks are still CEVO/ESL/VAC etc.. proof. Happy Cheating!

Half Life 2 cheat updates released

HL2 cheat updates have been released, please login to the updater to receive the update. the injection problems have been fixed.
The changes for this version include :
  • Injection problems should be fixed for good.
  • The hack is still currently wallhacks only pending another update to be released soon.
Hacks are still CEVO/ESL/VAC etc.. proof. Happy Cheating!

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Welcome to the future of league cheating!

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