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CSGO Beta Update NEWS!


Hello Friends, Long time no update.

I am back, and I feel like this update is very overdue and we wanted to get back to our core values of high quality cheats and transparency. Firstly we can't even begin to thank our loyal customers and staff for sticking with us through these hardships we all have experienced over the last few years. I know that things have changed for us all, and the industry as a whole, so with that in mind. I will be doing a weekly announcement with things that have changed, are changing, and updates so you know what's happened and that nothing is going to change here at League Cheats. Let's talk about the industry as a whole right now, some of you may have noticed that many sites are experiencing issues with privacy of their members and leaks. We take your security extremely serious, not just on our website but with our product as well.

Some of you may or may not know, that as of the last few months VALVE has done something they haven't for a while and pushed updates to CS:GO and VACNet. That didn't stop our cheat from working but it did expose a small subset of our customers to getting the red status on VACNet, Even though this affected only a small portion of our user base. We looked into it, within a few days we knew exactly what VALVE was doing and our talented and fearless owner/developer: Jimster480 got started on the massive update and overhaul that has been taken to improve and secure the protection for our customers. We have been in the process of testing this new system and it appears to be working flawlessly. Once again League Cheats has secured it's place as the safest, and longest running league cheat provider.

Now, some users experienced loss of time during these improvements and for that we do apologize, we are putting in place a system to automatically provide a free month for users who were impacted by this upgrade we were forced to complete. If you do not automatically receive the time as we push it out over the next few days. Please open a ticket and let us know so we can get on-top of making sure our members are well taken care of, because without you there is no League Cheats.

Let's talk about the future!

While doing improvements on the base cheat we have also made some improvements and progress to our Pro League Products so keep an eye on our news/announcements for future information on this project.

We are also working on something that we believe will revitalize the entire cheating scene and will bring a bunch more to our members of the League Cheats family.

So from the League Cheats Staff and Owner/Developer Jimster480.

Welcome back to the GAME & Thank You so much for your support!

Cheat can be downloaded from the Cloud Updater! BETA is out for ALL VERSIONS.

CLICK HERE for the Cheat Update Thread

LeagueCheats Easter Sale 2022 + Site News

Hey all,
It has been a while since I have written any news. As some of you may know; I have been in the process of moving. This is quite a large underaking considering the size of my operations.
Regardless of such; my move is almost completed and I will restart basically full-time development. There are lots of projects in the works(such as the universal cheat / universal aimbot) which I am excited to share with you.

In the meantime we have a sale for Easter. I wish everyone a happy and blessed easter, as most of you should know; we could all use some blessings with what is going on in the world today.
The CSGO Cheats / CSGO Hacks are on sale as well as the HL2 Cheats, HL1 Cheats, CS1.6 Cheats, CSS Cheats, HL2DM Cheats, TF2 Cheats, CZ Cheats, DOD Cheats, DODS Cheats, etc
Most of these are orgnaized into 3 different packages (CSGO Cheat Package, HL1 Cheat Package, HL2 Cheat Package); all the sale items are listed below.

The discount is FOURTY PERCENT (40%) Recurring monthly. So this discount lasts for as long as you keep your subscription active. If you cancel the subscription; then the discount is lost forever. We have only done one such sale like this before; so purchase wisely. Paypal only for this discount; as we have no other way to do recurring billing using crypto or other forms of payment at this point in time. The sale will go on for a few days from the time of this post.

Happy Cheating & a Blessed Easter.

Fixed the sale

CSGO Cheat Update 2/4/22 + Cheats Re-Enabled Restrictions

Hi all,
The CSGO cheats were disabled yesterday due to the new CSGO update and the servers crashing. There are new security measures implemented into CSGO, they are specificlaly built to deal with cheats calling in game functions.
I have finished writing a patch for this security measure in CSGO. One of these features specifically targets CSGO Aimbots or really any Aimbot for CSGO which uses Viewangles.
Valve has started to monitor the adjustment of Viewangles directly. Thankfully the main LeagueCheats Aimbot does not use these features in the first place. However the LSD Aimbot(s) (Aimbot 2 & Aimbot 3) are affected by this. However it is patched for the moment.
I still need to update private cheats to comply with the new security code. Please send me a PM if you have a private to get into the queue to have your private patched.

Everyone will need a new cheat update, whether public or private. You must download a new version or receive one from me.

Please make sure you download a new version from the Cloud Updater here!

There is also a new protection for Anti-Flash and I am not sure if this affects this feature in my cheat yet. So I have disabled anti-flash as a safety measure in the meantime. I will investigate this and either work on a patch or re-enable the feature in the next days.
We will continue to closely follow both CSGO client and server updates over the next weeks.

Happy Cheating!


CSGO Game Update 2/2/22 - Cheats Disabled for Maintenance

Hi all,
Last night there was a CSGO update which was made in response to some spawn bugs.
They have added some return address checks to CSGO which are causing some issues with the cheats. Since we don't use many engine functions, this doesn't heavily affect us the way it does most other cheats. I am currently working on a bypass for this and hope to have the cheats back up and running in a few hours.

In the meantime I have disabled the cheats to prevent bugs and to err on the side of caution. Please keep an eye on the front page of the site here as I work on the update. I will send out an email for everyone to update their cheats when I am finished patching everything.

Thanks for your understanding,

LeagueCheats Christmas 2021 Sale + Pro League Lite Testing


Hey everyone, Merry Christmas!
What a year 2021 has been.... I think that is all that can really be said.... since there is really nothing nice to say about 2021. Except that we have another sale. As customary with Christmas time on the 25th we have 25% off any and all subs during this week to new years this year. Last year we ran it only for 2 days, this year we will run it for a week!
The sale will be for our CSGO cheats, Hl1 Cheats / CS1.6 Cheats, HL2 Cheats / CSS Cheats, etc.... The Coupon Code is CHRISTMAS2021, it works in OUR STORE.

In other news I need a couple testers for Pro League Lite; while technically it will be available to anyone who can do KYC, I need experienced users who play a variety of different leagues (or are willing to play). Basically we want to test every league & AC on the front page (minus GamersClub and Esportal) to see how many leagues we can bypass with this more basic version. I am also looking to test 5E Win & 5E International as this would allow us to sell 5E Cheats / 5E hacks. Price on this version is to be $38 for a single month, multi-month discounts will be available (like 3/mo @ $96) so I think many people will be interested in taking advantage of all these leagues.

There are many things in the works behind the scenes and hope for lots of releases in 2022. After 2021 was a year with the least releases ever due to staff challenges and other worldly issues, we can only hope for a more steady 2022.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from League Cheats!


Site Downtime 12/15-12/16 2021

Hi all,
I'm sure many of you received the email that I sent last night. The datacenter where the server is hosted was affected by a natural disaster which swept the midwest.
At this time it seems that the datacenter's generator is either online or power has been restored to the datacenter. This doesn't mean that there won't be any future interruption but we certainly hope this is the last time the website is offline for a long time.
Please pray for those affected in the natural disaster that swept the midwest, especially those in Kansas City as fires were spread, many homes were destroyed and people were killed.

Despite our website downtime, the cheats themselves were never offline as our cheat authentication CDN is hosted in various other data centers.

Happy Cheating,

Jimster480 & Staff

CSGO Cheat Update 12/12/2021

Hi All,

Good news here, the Entity ESP and NoFlash/Flash Reduction has been fixed on all the CSGO Cheats including the CSGO Aimbot (Multi & League Multi) version's.
All features are working as they were before, and even a bit of optimization was done in the midst of fixing it! Nobody should run into any issues using either of these features now.

As always please download the cheat through the cloud updater or the legacy Login Updater client if you still have it. You cannot simply rebuild the cheat using the Builder you already have on your computer, as some people do every time and put in tickets about their issues :)

We are still at work on a brand new bypass for GamersClub & Possibly ESportal Cheats + FastCup Cheats (we will see which anticheats this new bypass can natively get around, since GamersClub is the target). Maybe everyone will be given a nice christmas present this year :)

Other than this news, the Pro League Lite (previously will be released shortly as it is currently in testing. The price will be ~$37.50/Mo with multi-month discounts. Also the HL1 Pro League (Featuring the CS1.6 Aimbot) will be dropped to $32/mo pending this launch in the next week. Currently the HL1 Pro League is a Wargods Cheat / Wargods Bypass & a SXE Cheat & CS1.6 EAC Cheat. These are the 3 anticheat's primarily used by HL1 Pro League, although technically it also works on AAC and myAC if you happen to live somewhere that uses this. Lastly you must have Windows 10 2004 or older, as newer versions of windows don't seem to like Pro League at this point in time.
Following the release of the new bypass for CSGO Pro League, this bypass will be explored on HL1 for FastCup.

We are also looking for people who can do Youtube and Content writers who can make articles for SEO. If you are interested in either of these positions please put in a ticket expressing your interest!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Happy Cheating,

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