[GUIDE] - How to purchase your cheat through our STORE

  • Hello and welcome LeagueCheaters!

    In this guide we will teach you how to purchase using our Web Store.

    The first step is to go to the "Store" page, you can click here to be redirected;
    Once on the Store page, select the desired category (CSGO, HL1, HL2, Pro League or Services);
    Then find your desired product and click 'Purchase'. For this tutorial we will select CSGO Multi:


    A popup will appear where you can select the desired amount of subscription time. For this tutorial we will select 3 Months:


    After you have selected your desired amount of subscription time click 'Add to cart'.

    In LC's website top right corner there is a cart icon, click there and then click "Checkout":


    You will be redirected to the Checkout page, where you will have to select your product from the list, write in your desired auth username and password, and then click 'Save':


    After clicking save you will have to read the terms and rules, that are just below the 'Save' button, after reading the terms you may then select that you have read and agree to the terms of service, and understand the details of our refund policy. Then click 'Proceed to payment' button.

    You will now see a new popup asking to select your payment method, select the desired option and click 'Purchase'. Then you will be redirected to your desired payment method website.


    All Done! Now you just wait for activation, which can take up to 24 hours (however most activations are done in 2 hours or less)! If you have any issues please let us know in a ticket here.

    For other payment methods not shown on the store please send a private message to @Mar1k in our forum.