Counter Strike : Global Offensive Cheats

Nov 12, 2018
Counter Strike : Global Offensive Cheats
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    - Supported Operating Systems:
    Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32-bit & 64-bit).

    - High Security:
    Run time encryption, dynamic keys, advanced obfuscation, safe injection! No driver installs needed, DEP does not need to be disabled, kernel debugging does not need to be enabled. Feature rich and built for legit play!

    - What does the cheat support?:
    Check our Anti-Cheat Status page to fully understand what we support! If you want more information click here.


    League Multi Feature

    Bone Aimbot (Humanistic):

    Bone Aimbot (Humanistic) - A legit aimbot that doesn't use any setting angle codes that other competitors use. It aims in a legitimate fashion so that when set-up properly, even a league admin spectating you shouldn't be able to tell if you are using an aimbot.
    Bone - Adjust which bone to aim at.
    MultiBone - Select as many Bones as you want to aim at.(TotalBones Max Value - NEW)
    Smoothaim - Adjust How "smooth" the aimbot is in its human-like drag.
    SuperSmooth - Adjust the smoothness of the aimbot for legit small FOV Playstyles.
    TeamAim - Toggle friendly fire options.
    CloseAim - Toggle distance based aiming algorithm, (cDelta for increased stickyness), CloseAim 2, whoever is closest to the crosshair (instead of player distance).
    FOV - Adjust the Field of View of the aimbot or percentage of the screen (starting from the center) that the aimbot will target enemies.
    Aimkey- Adjust which key the aimbot will use to aim.
    AimDraw - Toggle the Drawing of the Aimspot on enemies (Visible/Always).
    VisibleCheck - Visible Checking on Enemies w/ Close Enemy.
    NoHop - Aim at One Target per press of the AimKey (Aimbot Doesn't Hop to Other Targets even after death).
    RandomSpot - Randomizes the Spot around the target bones, making your aim look more Humanized & Legit.
    Aimtime - Amount of time that the aimbot & Aimbot-RCS is active for, after you press the aimkey.
    Ammo Management - Disable Aimbot & Triggerbot when the Gun Clip is Empty (NEW)
    Ignore Jumping - Ignore Jumping Players.
    CloseFOV - Different FOV for Players with in a Certain Distance (CloseFOV Distance)
    CloseFOV Scoped - Use the CloseFOV Value while you are scoped.
    bSpotted Secondary Vischeck - Optional bSpotted Vischeck instead of normal Vischeck.
    AimOnShoot - Aim when Shooting, Aim when Not Shooting.
    RecoilAfter - Start Recoil After X Bullets (Good for 1-2 Taps).
    Recoil - Adjust the recoil counter while using the aimbot.
    RecoilKey - Adjust which key the anti-recoil is set on. (For all Aimbot Keys)
    RecoilType - Control if recoil control is always on or only when using the Aimbot (RCS Type 4)
    RecoilFOV - Adjust how long the Recoil will stay stuck to the target, very usable for when playing at a LAN.

    TriggerBot (Legit & Strong):
    Triggerbot - Automatically shoot at an enemy in a radius (usable with or without Aimbot).
    TriggerKey - Control what key activates the Triggerbot (use with any key).
    TriggerFov - Control the radius around the AimSpot which activates the triggerbot.
    TriggerDraw - Draw the bone spot that the triggerbot is aiming at.
    TriggerBone - Select the bone that the triggerbot will target (MultiBone - Upto 9)
    TriggerDelay - To add to the legitimacy of the triggerbot, delays shooting for up to .5 seconds.
    MonsterTrigger - Extremely Fast & Accurate triggerbot with Fullbody Options - Perfect Triggerbot.

    Weapon Configs System:
    - WeaponConfigs - Weapon configurations for each weapon group (pistols, deagle, snipers, SMG, Knife, rifles, etc).
    - Triggerbot Settings on WeaponConfigs
    - Triggerbot WeaponConfig Key Toggles
    FlickShot - Additional Aimbot Key with a secondary set of settings to perform "flickshots" that are more aggressive than the default settings

    ESP Version Features Start Here:

    Name - Name of player.
    Health - Health of player.
    Armor - A players armor value.
    ArmorType - Show if they have a helm or kevlar.
    Weapon - See the weapon a player is using.
    Weapon Ammo - See the ammo left in the clip.
    Index - The internal index of the player.
    Distance - The distance of each player from you.
    Box - A box around each players model, adjusting with distance (new rectangle box type).
    Sequence - What action or stance the player is in (Running, Ducking, Jumping, Scoped etc).
    XESP A signature "PROESP" - Shows an XX on the player, good for legitimate play, unobtrusive.
    Box Size & Box Multi - The size of the boxes around the players, adjustable to how you like.
    Team ESP - Toggle ESP on your teammates.
    Clean Draw ESP - Move ESP away from box.
    Pixel ESP - Single Pixel ESP for legitimate play.
    Visible ESP - Different color ESP for visible & non-visible players, Ability to use it as visible-only.
    Entity ESP - See weapons, defusers, IED(the bomb), Bomb's Planted Location, and defusing players.
    Entity Distance - Adjust how far away you will see different Entities for the ultimate in Player-Location assistance!
    List ESP - The Ultimate Legit ESP, Listing Players that are not on your screen, or players anywhere in case you don't want to know where they are exactly.

    Dynamic Lighting:
    DLights are a special "Dynamic Lighting" feature built into the CS engines. Much like a flashlight, this feature lights up a players model in the darkest locations, making them easier to see. My signature dynamic lighting has special options such as the ability to dynamically adjust the intensity of the lighting depending on the models surroundings.

    Dlight - Toggle the feature on and off.
    Auto Intensity - The automatic brightness feature of the Dynamic Lighting.
    Intensity - If you prefer to manually set the intensity of the DLights.
    Radius - The size of the dynamic lights around the models.
    DTeam - Draw Dynamic Lights on both teammates & enemies, or only enemies
    Decay - The speed at which the dynamic Lighting Fades.

    Walls: *Preview*
    Two different wallhacks are included in this cheat. Offering full transparent walls, or full model drawing through walls. This is a classic style wallhack, just like from the original Counter-Strike.

    When enabled it will draw a cross-hair on your screen, perfect when using the AWP/Scout/SCAR-20/G3SG1, it also features an adjustable size for assistance.

    BunnyHop - Jumps automatically while the chosen key is being held.
    Random Delay Bhop - Min & Max Value

    Adjustable menu location (In Settings File)
    INI loading & saving
    Adjustable text (TrueType Fonts) - Text reboot on device change.
    Adjustable text sizes
    Anti Screenshot (Doesn't Appear on in-game screenshots) - Other Anti screenshot for League Anti Cheat solutions.
    USN journal protection via mutation & unique software
    Advanced Virtual Machine protection on modules
    Full real time string encryption with randomized keys (runtime & binary)
    Internal World2Screen options
    Metamorphic engine
    Rotating build system (New Build every 10-30 Minutes)
    Silent loading - No messages will show up from the loader, perfect for LAN events.
    Notext - Don't draw anything on screen(No text will showup ingame from the cheat, this includes the menu).


    - Videos:

    - Screenshots:

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