Website downtime & Restoration + Data Loss Info (7/30/21 Backup)

Hi all,
What a week it has been. As posted in our telegram group (which you should definitely join); the website server crashed on Sunday night.
This is a unique experience for us since our web-servers have never been lost in the past 14 years of LeagueCheats existence.
We have spent the week rebuilding the website from back from various backups as we learned that our backups aren't as good as we once thought they were (first time we really needed them in 14 years) and as such it took around 100 hours and the help of multiple people to get the website up.
I want to issue a heartfelt thanks to all of our staff here who put in hours around the clock to bring the website back up.

The Forum Database Backup Date is 7/30/21 (July 30, 2021 for those of you with a different calendar). Therefore if you made a post, ticket, upload, etc past that time; you will need to re-do it. If you signed up after that time; your account doesn't exist here (part of the reason why this message is on the front page).

With that being said; Things Are Not Perfect!!! IF you encounter a bug, please put in a ticket. If your avatar is missing; please re-upload it. If you posted some images in a thread and they are missing; please re-upload them.

The build server is not up at the time that I am writing this (if you are reading this days later then there is no reason it wouldn't be up); it will likely be up in 24 more hours. We hope to have the majority of issues ironed out over the next 72 hours; as the major issues should be behind all of us at this point in time.

The faster we get the website back up the faster we can go back to developing the great products that you all know and love!

To the future,
Jimster480 & LC Staff
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Some news about esportal, faceit, the uniwersal cheat ?
I wish that I had some news but I have spent the last month dealing with these website related issues so really haven't touched any code in almost a month now.
Now that the website is back up and things are coming to a head; I will hopefully be able to get back to coding this week and maybe finish the GC Cheat, Pro League and then Universal. I also have the hardware cheats that I have been working on and those need to come out by October really.
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