My review for LC non-league multi


Feb 11, 2015
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Alright,it is time to tell the truth for Jim's hardworked LC :D
I have used LC for 1 month and i am still using it.

Pros - Aimbot is really good legitlooking one once you know how to use it.
- ESP, yes , LC ESP is alittle weird not like others with bones or heads or something like that. It is just box. it looks simple.However, it still looks good with aimspots from Aimbot.
- RCS is great
- Jimster and his team is updating this cheat all the time, so dont feel insecure using LC and their efforts make this cheat undetected for 2 years.
-Easy asscessbile menu. Really simple. You don't need mouse to use the menu.
-The Support for LC is extremely good. Jimster or one guy from his team will be always ready to solve what kind of problems you have.
-Pretty good cheat for players who wants to be legi-looking player.
-works with all resolutions monitor.

Con - Sometimes i am thinking the aimbot to be more like humanistic like silent aim. The LC aimbot is like - Aimlock on the desired spot if you hold the aimkey.
-ESP has so many options that made me confused when i was using LC for the first time.But i am OK with that.
-Triggerbot is the one made me complicated since that one is not atuoshoot like others cheat unless you know how to configure yourself or ask Jimster.
-RCS has a lot of types that needs to be adjusted to be legit-looking. Although i am not using gun,playing with knife, the crosshair is always going down like i am controlling the recoil especially when i was holding nades. That was OMG.
-PRICE, yea, the price is quite expensive than others

Suggested Opinions - it will be really flexible if alt-tab and LC are fixed as well as multi-core rendering
- waiting cheats for ESEA
- TEMP BAN : TOO MANY IP is irritating. It will be better if there is a customer who have dynamic IP.
Last But Not Least, My overall rating for this cheat is 11/10 and I hope Jimster and his team will be keeping up this work better than the best. Thank you guys.

This is my review for LC. Please dont mind me if my grammar,sentences and phrases are wrong. :)