LeagueCheats CSGO Cheat Update 9/22/2021 - New Operation, 5E International Cheats

Hi All,
As I'm sure you all know there is a new CSGO Operation that came out a few hours ago which broke the CSGO Cheat. The update is hefty at 2.2GB, they have changed many things in the base of the game to make some new add-ons.
However I have updated the CSGO Cheats to work at this point in time, except for the Entity ESP (must turn off in ESP Settings or entity=0 in settings file). I will play around with the entity ESP over the next 48 hours and see exactly why it is broken. I do not have the time to do it at this second and I wanted to get the update out for everyone to be able to play with the new operation otherwise.

As many people are left with very broken cheats from this new update; we are here and working once again :)

I hope that everyone enjoys this new operation; if any features are found to be broken or other bugs are found please report them via support ticket or drop a line here in this thread.

There is quite a bit more coming in the form of Gamers Club Cheats and Esportal Cheats very soon, I just cannot talk about all the details yet. Lots of changes are being made behind the scenes with League Cheats in general and not only with the CSGO Cheats.

Lastly we have tested our CSGO Pro League Hack and CSGO GamersClub Hack (the current GC Edition is going to be reformed into a Pro League Lite very soon) and they are working on 5E International meaning that we have 5E International Cheats / 5E International Hacks. Please do not ask about 5e Win at this point in time unless you yourself have a way to test on it as it is a chinese anticheat that requires a CN ID and #.
With that being said, if you are playing on 5E International; we do have options for you at this point in time. Please put in a ticket if you are interested in getting your hands on something that works for 5E International.

Please download the new version via our Cloud Updater or the Login Updater for those of you who still have the client.

Happy Cheating!
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i know the risks of cheating but would you advise not to play on main ? or would it be safe
It is just a new operation from what I see. Vac updates actually come inside of steam and not in the game typically.
They may have baked other anti-cheating measures into the game engine, but we don't use that here so it wouldn't affect us typically.
Entity ESP has to be turned off people..... I keep getting tickets and messages about this.

I will work to fix entity ESP over the next days.
5e international and 5ewin should be same anti cheat. why support 5e international but not support 5ewin?
5e international and 5ewin should be same anti cheat. why support 5e international but not support 5ewin?
In the past this was not the case. 5eWin has a custom CSGO client that had different offsets and structures. Atleast it did years ago. 5eInternational didn't have anything of the sort.
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Is there anything new about 5e international build? Last time i heard it still being tested