LeagueCheats Christmas 2021 Sale + Pro League Lite Testing


Hey everyone, Merry Christmas!
What a year 2021 has been.... I think that is all that can really be said.... since there is really nothing nice to say about 2021. Except that we have another sale. As customary with Christmas time on the 25th we have 25% off any and all subs during this week to new years this year. Last year we ran it only for 2 days, this year we will run it for a week!
The sale will be for our CSGO cheats, Hl1 Cheats / CS1.6 Cheats, HL2 Cheats / CSS Cheats, etc.... The Coupon Code is CHRISTMAS2021, it works in OUR STORE.

In other news I need a couple testers for Pro League Lite; while technically it will be available to anyone who can do KYC, I need experienced users who play a variety of different leagues (or are willing to play). Basically we want to test every league & AC on the front page (minus GamersClub and Esportal) to see how many leagues we can bypass with this more basic version. I am also looking to test 5E Win & 5E International as this would allow us to sell 5E Cheats / 5E hacks. Price on this version is to be $38 for a single month, multi-month discounts will be available (like 3/mo @ $96) so I think many people will be interested in taking advantage of all these leagues.

There are many things in the works behind the scenes and hope for lots of releases in 2022. After 2021 was a year with the least releases ever due to staff challenges and other worldly issues, we can only hope for a more steady 2022.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from League Cheats!

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can you use the code for 1 month cheat or is it only for yearly cheats
Wheres the 2022 pos pandemic promo Jimster? XD