League Cheats Labor Day Sale, Site updates


Hello everyone,
The past month has been a difficult one. After the initial restoration of the site; we have spent the entire month in the back-end rebuilding the links, images and threads of the past. As such the cheat updates that were supposed to be released in the last month; obviously did not come. As things are getting back on track now; we expect to have all the updates done in the next couple weeks as the website is fully functional at this point in time. However please understand that functional doesn't mean that it isn't possible to encounter a bug or a broken thread; it is just that all the major features work and things like the wiki and stores work.
After the tireless work we have done; we would like to celebrate Labor day! Therefore we are doing the largest labor day sale we have ever done. A WHOPPING 40% off! Yes FORTY PERCENT off our CSGO Hacks, CSGO Cheats (CSGO Cheat Packages), HL1 Cheats, CS1.6 Cheats, CZ Cheats, TFC Cheats (All HL1 Cheat Package), CSS Cheats / CSS Aimbot, HL2DM Cheats, TF2 Cheats, (HL2 Cheat Packages). So essentially everything we make here at League Cheats is on sale for the next 3 days.

While you are here; make sure to check out some of the new work that has been done. Especially the reorganizing of the WIki, Anti-Cheat Status Page, Buy Page Tutorial, First Time Buyer FAQ, First Run Guide, LAN Hack Guide and many others!
Please let us know if you find issues with any of the above posts as we have built all of these for all of you to reference!

We hope to have more information related to the cheat updates in the very near future. For the moment please Enjoy Labor Day with a 40% Off Coupon LABORDAY21! The Cheats can be purchased at the discounted rate via our eCommerce Store w/ the provided coupon (LABORDAY21)

Happy Cheating!


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Aug 20, 2017
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Awesome discount!!!! Enjoy, everyone! 🥰