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Mar 4, 2020
So this was my first month using the LC GC cheat and i just want to show you my experience with it:

1. Im been always interested on cheating but i didnt know when, where and how. A tournament supported by EAC was the ideal moment to try. I search on google "cheats for EAC" then i just found League cheats. I was a bit scare because this "hacking" world can be sometimes good and other times really bad and scam. However, the moment i talk with jimster, pikachu and all the staff from LC ( they are awesome) i knew this was different. Leaguecheats was my first cheat i ever used so i cant compare to other cheats but i think the difference was the people behind the cheat and the forum. I did a lot of research on cheats and the feeling that these guys transmited me was confidence, security and professionalism . I just want to say thank you for all the help i have recieved from the guys.
2. Talking about the cheat, it works perfect. If u are new dont doubt about purchasing it.

My english is not the best so sorry if i did bad grammar XD
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Thank you for the review. We will do our best to make quality cheats every-time. Have a nice day.