DogeCoin Acceptance + Site Updates & Downtime

Hi all,
We are happy to announce that we now accept DogeCoin for our CSGO Cheats / CS1.6 Cheats / CSS Cheats / HL2 Cheats, we officially enabled the support last night. Prior to this DogeCoin was available only through private payment methods but it is now available for all customers directly through our store. To celebrate the rolling out of DogeCoin we are having a 18% off sale with the coupon code DOGECOIN18. This sale will go on for 1 week from today and it will apply to all of our cheats. This means the CSGO Cheats (CSGO Aimbot), HL1 Cheats (CS1.6 Aimbot), HL2 Cheats (CSS Aimbot / TF2 Aimbot), We are glad to continue to increase our available payment methods during these difficult unprecedented times.
Additionally we have observed issues with our store with checkout. Please retry your payment again if the page is cleared the first time around. We are working to fix these issues and hope to have any issues ironed out before the end of the weekend.

We are scheduling a site maintenance Window from 2AM to 4AM EST 7/24/2021. During this time the website and/or other services may be down. It is very rare that we take down any of our services but due to the large number of server software exploits which have come to light in the past week; we must reboot all of our servers to apply these patches.

Unfortunately we do not have any news on our GamersClub Cheats or for the FastCup Cheats at this point in time. The myriad of server changes & website updates going on behind the scenes over the past week has kept us busy. We understand that many people are waiting for these specific products, especially for the GamersClub Cheats as GamersClub has come to the USA now. We hope to have more information for you very soon!

Thanks for your understanding and Happy Cheating!

-Jimster480 & LC Staff
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Nice to see new news, i am hoping that one day we can get cheat that works on esportal.
Nice to see new news, i am hoping that one day we can get cheat that works on esportal.
Soon possibly. Is Esportal still running with active players? Last time I checked there were very few players.
i hope this hack will work for faceit client, no matter the price.