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Discussion in 'News' started by Jimster480, Oct 26, 2014.

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    All CSGO Cheats were updated today!

    Lots of new changes and improvements!

    ESP has 2 options for a "CleanDraw" with the boxes on. This will move the text inside or outside of the box itself.
    Aimbot has its algorithm improved for distance filtering and FOV filtering (together).
    Close Delta for a minimum distance required for the aimbot to "hop" targets if the button is being held.
    Fully custom aimbot button, now the 4th aimkey option is for you to set your own key (in config file)
    Config settings can be saved ingame (option in menu to save on close)
    Fixed a Crash with the DLight system that would occur from time to time.
    Cheat overall performance increased
    De-globalized some variables
    Increased security on module itself
    Improvements made on security checksum software
    Schema changed

    Happy Cheating!
    Here's a quick test of the close-to-finished version. More videos coming soon!

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