CSGO Updates Again!!


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Apr 11, 2011
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Hey all!

A few cool changes, Box ESP got redone, there are multiple options now.
Aimdraw has a option for visible only (instead of it being on vischeck 2)
Vischeck 2 now allows override for visible check in super close quarters.
Recoil works on all the same keys as aimbot
Recoiltype 2 call fixed in certain cases
Clean ESP Adjusted for new box type
Aimbot Algorithm Slightly Improved
Hooking System Upgraded
Module Protection Methods Enhanced (again)
Team ESP Option (Show ESP on your team or not)
Menu Now has a slight tab for the inner menus (makes it easier to read)

Will be doing another update this week where the new font will be included with the package, and some other misc changes are coming like pixel ESP.
There is also testing going on for CEVO beta and ESEA.

A cool showcase done by one of our promoters!

And here is a nice Trigger Showcase done by one of our Staff:

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