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Aug 11, 2015
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Just a couple questions before I decide to purchase or not.

1: What would be the best choice for me if i'm looking to hack in normal servers/match making (competitive matches)/ESEA and so on. More so just for the Match making that comes with CS:GO.
2: Is the hack that is recommended for me supported by 64 bit?
3: Does this site ever run deals? Year pass for 1/2 off or anything of the sort? Lifetime?
4: Refund policy if banned?
5: If banned, will I be able to re-download or install or would I have to re-purchase?
6: How do these hacks compare to competitors...organner.pl/iw**tcheats?
7: How quickly are updates made available once a VAC update has been implemented?
8: How safe is your software? Will it be intrusive to my machine?
9: Will the hack run with security software running in the background?
10: Are there videos of people installing and setting up (in-game) for visual references?

Thank you for your time answering these.


Dec 14, 2014
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1) We have a Non-League Version of the cheat for Matchmaking/FaceIT and we have a League Version of the cheat focused for serious league players, it supports everything except ESEA/EAC, You can try it on there, but it's not supported.

2) It works on any version of Windows, also windows 10 and 32/64bit

3) We run some deals, atm. we have a discount for Yearly builds at 80$ afaik.

4) We have a insurance you can buy for a monthly fee that will refund your CSGO Account if banned.

5) I don't get what you mean, if you mean on the site, we usually don't ban people, but if we do, it's with a good reason. If you mean banned from VAC, you can always download a fresh build from the Automatic Builder which creates new builds every 30 mins.

6) I've personally been around to the most cheats, including organner, and i can with safety say that most cheats is a joke compared to Leaguecheats legit part (As LC is a cheat designed for legit playing), if you have 5 mins to configure the settings nicely, it's better than even enginehacks. Organner is one big scam, feel free to check out this expose http://www.hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=4662065

Also, check how smooth it is :p.

7) VAC Updates has nothing to do with anything, bans are done via serverside nowadays.

8) Our site don't use that placebo shit made at organner and other cheats where you have to dualboot/ring0/stuff like that, which makes NOTHING more secure, this was prooved in the past banwaves.
You run our software and launch the game, you cheat, you don't want to play with it anymore, you right click it and press delete, how it's supposed to be.

9) I don't get what you mean with this, if i had a cheat that was running 24/7 in the background i would format and never use the cheat again, more than that, it would cause many ways to detect the cheat.

10) The setup is pretty fakin easy, and we have a complete guide to this, if you are not interested/too lazy to do this on your own, you can buy the "Pro Setup" for 10$ Where i set your cheat up via. teamviewer.

I hope to see you as a costumer here :).

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