CSGO Cheat Update 12/12/2021

Hi All,

Good news here, the Entity ESP and NoFlash/Flash Reduction has been fixed on all the CSGO Cheats including the CSGO Aimbot (Multi & League Multi) version's.
All features are working as they were before, and even a bit of optimization was done in the midst of fixing it! Nobody should run into any issues using either of these features now.

As always please download the cheat through the cloud updater or the legacy Login Updater client if you still have it. You cannot simply rebuild the cheat using the Builder you already have on your computer, as some people do every time and put in tickets about their issues :)

We are still at work on a brand new bypass for GamersClub & Possibly ESportal Cheats + FastCup Cheats (we will see which anticheats this new bypass can natively get around, since GamersClub is the target). Maybe everyone will be given a nice christmas present this year :)

Other than this news, the Pro League Lite (previously will be released shortly as it is currently in testing. The price will be ~$37.50/Mo with multi-month discounts. Also the HL1 Pro League (Featuring the CS1.6 Aimbot) will be dropped to $32/mo pending this launch in the next week. Currently the HL1 Pro League is a Wargods Cheat / Wargods Bypass & a SXE Cheat & CS1.6 EAC Cheat. These are the 3 anticheat's primarily used by HL1 Pro League, although technically it also works on AAC and myAC if you happen to live somewhere that uses this. Lastly you must have Windows 10 2004 or older, as newer versions of windows don't seem to like Pro League at this point in time.
Following the release of the new bypass for CSGO Pro League, this bypass will be explored on HL1 for FastCup.

We are also looking for people who can do Youtube and Content writers who can make articles for SEO. If you are interested in either of these positions please put in a ticket expressing your interest!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Happy Cheating,


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HL1 Fastcup
Windows 7 ?
I have no idea if I will support windows 7. Right now the pro league version doesn't support windows 7 but the cheat itself does. So with the new bypass it might or might not support windows 7.
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