Cheat crossfire

joao vitor aa

Feb 14, 2022
I am playing the game called Crossfire, at the moment i am playing for a profesional team. We are about to play some cups, but we are going to use a anti cheat. I am sure it is easy to bypass since there are alot of people using hacks while playing with the anticheat.

The game i am playing:

The anticheat we must use:


Control panel
Screen and game screenshots
Process scanner
Injection detection
Memory scanner
User ban
Hardware Ban

I am searching someone who is able to hide the hack from the anticheat, so i am able to play the game with my cheat without getting caught. At the moment i am using a private cheat, i dont know if its possible to hide this one, if its not possible i want you to create a smooth aimlock to.

I am willing to pay for a bypass.