2 month review, going on my 3rd month today.


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Aug 13, 2020
I have never cheated in games as I fear getting banned, but I'm 100% comfortable with using leaguecheats while having no fear. I was recommended by a friend who is a long time user of leaguecheats. He would always tell me how using these cheats, with proper responsibility (not going full blatant/raging), would be the best way to have fun in CS:GO. It would help make up for my lack of skill using more soft settings Damn he was right! I forgot to write my review after my first month because I quickly renewed and enjoyed another month. I use lower/more subtle settings and it has helped me improved greatly. I really enjoy playing knowing I can cheat while not worrying about being banned. It has many options for customization and has various options for different playstyles/levels. I love how much I can customize and figure out. I haven't even gone through all of the settings! Along with great software, the staff is very helpful. I get quick replies to support tickets and forums. The customer service is 10/10. I feel like I'm investing my money into something with great results in-game and out of game. 10/10 am recommending to my friends to get! If you read this review and are on the fence, then I recommend you get leaguecheats as well!
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Thanks for the great review man! I am glad that you are enjoying the software and hope to keep you as a happy client for the forseeable future! :)