my time with lc

    welcome to my lc 2.5 review My background: i have been useing lc for about a year now and can safely say it's the best cheat i have come across. i have been cheating for a long time and have used many other providers but this one is the best one i have used i will give some examples of cheats i...
  2. HEGZ

    Maybe some dumb questions

    So, I'm a little confused. When go to the buying area it says: "Select the type of build you want, make sure to select the right amount of month(s) you want for the package and enter your desired usernameand password, it has to be on the right order too. Example: login - password If you are...
  3. L

    ESEA Question-

    i see that esea is unsupported, does that mean that if i even do use this cheat while playing ESEA i'll be banned for sure, regardless of whether or not i'm being blatant? or does it just mean that there's no guarantee i'm completely safe
  4. enaldie

    access to EAC/FACEIT AC version

    Hello,I heard that I have to use basic LC cheat for few months before getting that EAC UD version... I am going to a very important and big LAN that use EasyAntiCheat in APRIL,but I will have first LC sub in JANUARY(cannot buy now because of shit PC..)Are 2/3 months enough to get that access...
  5. Pollete

    Can I play ESL with this cheat?

    Can I play ESEA, FACEIT or ESL with this cheat?