1. Kuso

    Geo-Locked CSGO

    Well, I've used a VPN to buy csgo cheap many times, but this time when I did it, I selected the wrong country by accident. I didn't realize, so I tried to play, and of course, it said that it was the wrong territory. I panicked logged out of steam changed country on my VPN then logged back in...
  2. J


    Hello, I know this is probably the wrong place to ask but I read that activation takes up to 24 hours after purchase but I've been waiting almost 2 days now. Did I do anything wrong?
  3. nemkode123


  4. Babam

    ESL Ban evade

    Hello,I'm going to buy your awesome league cheat in a near future :D but I have been banned on esl. I really don't want to wait 1 more year.Is there any way that I can evade that ban? I just know that I'll probably need new hard drive but is there anything else? I have a new account either and...