1. M

    Czit do CS 1.6

    Cześć, przed zakupem chciałem się zapytać czy czit jest niewykrywalny na serwerach z pluginami anty aim, wallhack itd? + czy jakoś omija te pluginy, że wallhack działa cały czas czy ma ograniczone pole widzenia? Jeszcze jedno odnośnie antyss`a, hack go posiada czy nie?
  2. xans

    Remember when I said I was lucky?

    So... @ToX advised me to stop, but you know how gambling works FROM $5 TO $410 BOIIIISS Ps: I know I have problems, but well, it turns out I'm pretty fucking lucky apparently.
  3. gwdavie

    Linking my account

    I recently repurchased LC and am currently waiting for activation but have a question. Do I need to link my account again or because I did that a few months ago do I just wait for activation?
  4. G

    in eye record disable cheat csgo?

    When i start to record in eye demo, my cheat stops working ingame what to do?
  5. S

    LAN cheating

    I've been searching for a cheat to buy but i still haven't found a good one. Can i cheat with this one on lan on cs go? I can put the cheat in a usb inside my mouse (i already have everything set up). Does this cheat have legit settings for lan that could still help me in some way? I see that...
  6. S

    More then one PC

    If I have more then 1 computer I use (laptop and desktop) will it still work? I'm guessing it won't if I use them at the same time?