1. A

    Vac consequence

    Hey I was just wondering if I got an account vac ban even if it's like 3 years ago does it mean I can't make it to pro anymore? And also is it only for csgo vac ban or let's say I get vac ban in another game I can't go pro to cs too even if I haven't been banned on csgo? Just wondering XD Ty no...
  2. K

    Script? Move shoot - sniper

    Hey, I'm just sondering the following. I used to play a game where you would be able to shoot perfect with snipper while walking. So what i did is make a macro on my mouse, so that i would press walk right before actually shooting. So in this way you can just run zoomed in and whenever you shoot...
  3. Difardifar

    4:3 Resolution

    Hey, i just recieved my email to download and etc, but i noticed that it said, that hack works best in 1920x1080 windowed, and my shit computer cant take that :( So i was wondering, how does the hack work in 4:3 resolution? thats the only thing my computer can handle, and 1280x720. Best regards,