1. Dawnyy

    I guess this is what my friend calls a prank.

    I let my friend use my account cause of his 24 hr cooldown, then this happens the next day. I'm not mad, actually no... I am mad, a little, he did pay me back for my pair of gloves and my knifes in cash, but rip my acc, gonna be a while before i buy new skins, not funny prank :(
  2. Dawnyy

    Actual LEGIT League Cheat (Exploit)

    I found this video a while back, but never really showed it to anyone cause I didn't want other people using it and possibly dicking on me, but this is an exploit that still isn't patched. As stated in the video you can use it in leagues. Basically just a lag switch.
  3. baronkp

    What should I do in my life? Go PRO or nah?

    Hello, I'm top playa. @ToX can confirm this. Should I move to US? How's NA CS:GO scene? Have you ever lived in the US? Do you have any advice for me? Etc etc.
  4. fmr

    LC too strong to lose

    We were leading 8-7 at halftime. 2 got triggered and toggled. They took the lead 11-14 (they won 7 straight), but LC too strong to lose. I tried to win though, but this just shows how powerful LC is. Won against 2 hackers while carrying the team as legit as possible. It's funny how they rage so...
  5. 3n1gm4

    Testimonials/reviews for cpc

    Hi, Looking into buying cpc. Any reviews or testimonials from clients on this forum who've bought cpc (private builds) for csgo?
  6. HamsaG

    Stream xD

    Im new here so i want to know if any of these cheats are safe to cheat while live streaming??? Dont ask if i am a streamer >.< soooo....... Are They??
  7. K


    Does the aimbot work like an usual aimbot where the program does the work itself or i can drag and spray control normally like without the cheat?
  8. creat1ve

    CSGO EAC (EasyAntiCheat)

    1- League cheats supports EAC with only aimbot (no wallhack)? 2- It's possible hide the menu of cheat while playing? 3- Always we need to change the FOV for use snipers, pistols and rifles or is predefined? (AWP -FOV3, M4A1 -FOV7....) thanks
  9. Twilight Wolf

    How to increase REAL playing time in CS:GO

    I have 2nd account, and i want to play in matchmaking.gg. But I need atleast 150 REAL IN-GAME hours. So, can i increase this time in idle-servers? Or i must play only in official Valve servers?