1. serginhohenrique27

    Good night!

    Good evening, I'm new to the forum and I'm going to buy the league to reach PRO LEAGUE. I will be running new forums to report my experience with the Product, thank you for understanding everyone. Have a good night!
  2. A

    I'm BACK

    Hi guys ! How are you :D after 2 I guess I'm back playing csgo and back to this forum! I hope some of you remember me (Jimster :D) Lots of changes wow! So what's up ? Still private available? (I was an old customer of the private :p)
  3. rlxa

    New Member

    Hi everyone So I'm very interested in buying LC and i just wanted to know how long has it been undetected, has it ever gotten detected? I've been looking at this cheat for quite sometime now and everyone seems nice here, nice community, nice cheat. I got banned a while ago but kinda recently...
  4. xUnknown

    Question before buying

    Hello, I've been looking at this cheat and it seems to be a really good cheat. Before I make a purchase I'm curious as to, can this cheat be configured to have silent aim and not be noticeable by the naked eye?
  5. Zoichooey

    Any league being supported?

    Pretty sure I can apply for 3.0 if I get one more month of League, are there any leagues that are still supported? I do know that you guys have some issues with Faceit.
  6. N

    Hey there new user =]

    hey, ex semi pro player never used cheats b4 until this month glad i found ur community looks so bonded !!! ive got one question tho - why do u need a bank bill withfull adress name for the beta signup??? as some one who used to sell illegal stuff on encrypted phone platforms all i had to know...
  7. DaVapor

    League or non league question

    Good morning, I'm interested in trying LC for the first time (first time for any cheat) . I've done extensive research(videos,forums) among multiple competitors and LC is what I'm probably going to go with. I'm going to setup a new steam account cause I don't want to take a chance on my 14 year...
  8. Fedda

    I got vip!

    thanks tox and jimster for being so helpful :) good staff.
  9. L


    hi... i bought cheat and i need to know how long it take for send email to me? i bought yesterday 11pm
  10. ColdSunl1ght

    Quick Q's before I repurchase

    Can you use raw input on 1 now for the aimbot? And is there any features that indicate if an enemy passes your crosshair? I want to have some external assistance of enemies locations on LAN. I gather you can set a key to activate a pixel esp and upon release of that key it turns off?
  11. Meeee

    Hi everyone!

    Hi guys im new on the forum ! Im still waiting my precious mail since 16h now :) so I just say hello to everybody ! I read a lot of threads and its a pretty interesting forum. Cant wait to test dat cheat seems to be awesome. I tried a cool custom public hack from Puppin on another forum but...
  12. M

    Hey, new one here :)

    I have some questions for your. 1. When i have buy'd my cheat. How loge time those there go for me to get the cheat? :) 2. New subscribers: Remember to link your account to receive VIP access. How do i do that? :) 3. And those the come some info on the cheat when i well get it from the Admin's...
  13. P

    Does League-cheating support non-league AC?

    Hi, I'm new here. Nice to see you fellas. Just wanted to know for sure, I'll most likely alternate between playing league and non-league and I'd be pretty screwed if that's not the case. Cheers in advance!
  14. CarlPoppa

    Here i come boys

    Just purchased here i come boys!