1. Co1N

    Paysafecard Reseller

    Hey, just wanted to ask real quick if @Mar1k is still a trusted reseller for this website using paysafecard, thanks in advance.
  2. A

    For Jinmster

    I wanted to know if Jimnster would create a wall hack or aimbot either .. for gamers club, private ... I would pay, they said he could
  3. C

    My honest review!

    I want to give my honest opinion about this hack! With the right configuration you're safe on Faceit and Matchmaking. I actually bought a configuration from Virus1x cause I kinda found it hard creating my own config. The config was good and I got what I wanted at that time, A steady aim with...
  4. Rottix

    LAN Pixel ESP

    Hello there, I wanted to ask how the Pixel ESP looks like [Screenshot], and if there is a toggle to switch it on and off. Also, I wanted to ask how long it takes to get a build with a silentloader. I am very sure I'd like to get this hack, if the Pixel ESP looks fine and not obvious. Rottix