1. monroe1

    FACEiT Client Anti-Cheat and etc.

    Good evening, I'm so sorry for this kind of question, I know that you guys are really tired of it. However, I wanna ask something. I was a LC subscriber for 4 months (probably, idk for sure tho), but I didn't play in CSGO for a long time and obviously I didn't extend my LC subscription. So...
  2. kuris

    faceit ace

    enjoy :D
  3. H


    Hey! I have a friend who uses this cheat and told me to check this out for faceit cheating. I've heard alot of "trash talking" aswell though on hackforums about FPS drops & alt-tabbing crashing so if there is anyway that I could get a trial period so I can test it out if hack actually works for...
  4. enzoo

    [PL] ESL/ESEA\Gfinity

    Hi, someone to wanna play any league ? Prefer polish ppl with brain :)