1. kiesttendick

    Cheating on smurf vs main account

    Hi guys! I’ve bought again LC in January after many years afk but didn’t had the time to use until a few days left before the monthly subscription was finally over. to use the cheat I bought a smurf account with different email (the one that comes with the account) . I played 3 games then...
  2. P

    Reliability against VAC.

    I have just purchased the CS:GO Multi League subscription with the idea that once it's over either grab Pro or GamersClub variants. I used to cheat back in 2018 but I used a bad service that end up getting VAC after roughly 3~4months, since then I have only played legit but I've regained wish...
  3. T

    After my first 30 days of LC.

    Tl;dr at the bottom as I know some of you won't read all of this! Hey guys hope you are all doing well, I was waiting to do this testimonial until after I had experienced what LC had to offer for atleast a month also this is going to be quite long as I want to include my back story into what...
  4. vhenujjne

    Hi, im new

    I want to buy the multi hack of league cheats, only for the VAC, the $ 25US is it? •My first question is, how do I use it legit, without having "Overwatch BAN". •On the other hand, how many games per day can I play ensuring that nothing happens to me? •When the "LeagueCheats" license expires...
  5. T | CSGO VAC FaceIT EAC ESL Challengeme Gamersclub CEVO GFinity 99damage

    Special thanks to @Sparkles & @FD^GoD

    Adopt an account with vac and ov

    Hey Adopt account of bans ov vac or if someone is not needed it only needs to be turned off steam guard and send me to pw Regards, DOTHER
  7. C

    become a customer again... but first a couple of questions.

    Greetings, i was a customer for a couple of months until the vac wave earlier this year. So my questions are: 1. How many times was the hack detected this year? 2. Does ESP/WH still work on normal Valve servers, like the matchmaking ones? I heard something about that there is a FarEsp-Fix. And...
  8. LocalMeteorologist

    Prepurchase questions

    I have been lurking around these forums and the CS:GO cheats seem to be very promising. I do have a few prepurchase questions. What is your ban rate? (includes MM, CEVO, FACEIT, etc.) When was the last time a VAC ban or league ban was issued to a cheat subscriber? About a year ago, I got a...
  9. edonator

    some questions

    Hello, I have some questions which I'd like to be answered. First of all, when was the last detection for the CS:GO Multihack and why? Since I'm an extremely active FaceIT player, it would be good to know if the hack is usable there, without any restrictions. I recognized that some other hacks...