1. stfn


    Hello, Can someone help me with spoofing like HWID and all that. I watched Videos all that shit but dont get it. If i reset my computer will there be new HWID and all or do i need still to spoof?!
  2. yeezy

    Just bought it

    Just bought the hack, I'm coming from inte*w*bz where I am a pretty respected member (got lifetime etc) but I feel like this has that true legit feel im searching for, only heard good things about this masterpiece and can't wait to get in on that action I'll be active af on the forums aswell...
  3. Kuso

    I Don't Really Know?

    I've bought cheats and I've clicked the confirmation link, do I know wait? For someone to PM me? I don't get the separate username and password where do we use that? Quit new to this :(
  4. pipplarnEZPZ

    Slow transactions?

    Hello! I bought the LEAGUE supported version 1 month for 35$ and I still haven't received my vip with over 40+ min of waiting. Is this an normal issue and it takes sometime to get your VIP? I did send a ticket and I'm in TS3 and waiting for help. Thank you!