1. Aleixo

    Buy phone numbers steam?

    hey, does anyone know if its safe to buy phone numbers for example on the site "", i wanted to know if I can get vac banned, cause im not sure if its one number for each user, or one number for different users
  2. T

    Languages of the Philippines

    @fmr @anton abren Unfortunately he won't be able to PM you until he replies in thread 5 times. You can use this thread to chat. Regards, ToX
  3. T

    LC 2 or LC 3 ?

    I get that LC 3 is in Beta right now and only few users can have it. But if i buy the league version now which leagues are supportet than ? I didnt find something about it. Thanks for your help
  4. R


    Can i use LC with faceit anti cheat, cuz i got forced to used Faceit AC, Thanks!
  5. S

    Open beta?

    How can you call it an open beta when its only for certain users and you need to apply for it?
  6. neverfall

    Gamersclub Question

    i clicked on the buy page and i have one question,if i buy the 35$ cheat i will be able to use on Gamersclub?Cause i want to cheat on Gamersclub only
  7. Aaron

    Does LC have a Discord?

    It would make it easier for users to arrange games together for events, MM or FaceIT etc..
  8. Averageplayer


    https://ESEA/users/701298 https://ESEA/users/513621&r=977319 https://ESEA/users/537847 https://ESEA/users/633125 https://ESEA/users/765407 https://ESEA/users/1093247 rip