1. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats CSGO Cheat Update Danger Zone Battle Royale

    Hey everyone, The new updates for CSGO Danger Zone Battle Royale should be up now. You will all need to download new cheat versions from the updater and run the builder again. For those using something like GamersClub private you will need to unapply before applying the new versions. Please do...
  2. Levvena

    quick question

    Hello! Sorry if I may come over a bit dumb. But Where may I download the LeagueCheats v2.5? In the updater I choose the CS:GO Multi option (I bought cs:go multi cheat non-leugue). The builder that came with it is v2.0. Since I see a lot of configs with v2.5 support I figured I could ask this...
  3. B


    Hey, I cant log in into the Updater what username and pw should i use for it?
  4. Jazzy18

    One last question.

    Hello! I just purchased and paid 25$ for cheats, I made support ticket now and I need to wait only? But what was the username/password which I typed inside before the purchase? Kind regards, jzyy-
  5. Jimster480

    CSGO Cheat Update 11/29/16

    All values have been updated for the new update today. Please download a new version (From the Login Updater), especially if you use Armor or entity / defuse / bomb esp. As far as the new bones: 8=head 7=neck 6=chest 5=stomach I will make a couple screenshots with new numbers and possibly if...
  6. Jimster480

    Updater is back up

    Hey all, I restarted the build server and relinked everything. The updater is now working again. Please feel free to login and download whatever you need. Thanks for your patience!
  7. Jimster480

    CSGO Update 8/3/16

    Hey everyone, A few changes have been made which affect all of the cheats. A few engine things have changed and the engine client has updated to a new version. New versions should be out within 10 minutes. Thanks NEW UPDATE IS OUT USE THE LOGIN UPDATER TO DOWNLOAD THE NEW BUILD CLIENT Extra...
  8. Jimster480

    The updater service is restored

    The updater is working again as usual. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  9. danno

    Updater currently down

    The updater service is currently down. You will not be able to download new builds at this time. ETA is unknown. -Leaguecheats Staff
  10. D

    Purchased but no account

    I purchased the $35 package, however I didn't have an account on the website at the time, I jsut made one now. Will this be a problem when receiving the download?
  11. Jimster480

    Updater should be back up for now

    Hey all, I have done some work to get the updater back up. It should be working at this point in time. Although the original updater server is still down it is running on a backup sever at this point in time and should be at full functionality! Thanks for all of your patience! -Jimster480
  12. Jimster480

    Updater Currently down

    Hey all, For the moment the updater is down. There is a problem with the updater server in receiving the builds. It should be fixed by tomorrow mid day as I have to wait for the server company to physically inspect the server. Otherwise everything is working as normal. if you need a new build...
  13. Jimster480

    CSGO Update - 9/24/15

    Hey all, CSGO just had another semi-large update tonight and broke a bunch of offsets.... New version of the cheats should be available as I write this. Use the Login Updater to download the new version (remember to save your configs, or just don't build the config). Happy Cheating!
  14. T

    CS:GO Open Beta Out!

    Open Beta has been released today! There will be more changes coming very soon :) We are working on a new Guide aswell as the league proofings. Make sure to check our new request features list here. CSGO Beta is available to every current customer! For new updater use an old download link.