1. H

    i wanna buy league version for ESL

    is it undetected for ESL right now? and how long have it been undetected if so
  2. S

    csgo multi league version - cevo undetected??

    hello guys ^^ is the csgo multi league version (example 1 month 35$ USD) undetected on the cevo client? and is it undetected on 99dmg league?
  3. Xuniku

    next gen memes hack

  4. denschamin

    Question about status

    Hello guys, is it acutally undetected with the challengeme Anticheat? Best regards
  5. Yhopa

    What are the undetected leagues?

    Hello, I've been a multi-league customer months ago, and after searching for a good cheat, I just thought that I would return here. :) So, what are the undetected leagues and is the activation instant ? (paying with paypal) I wanna play tonight Thanks.
  6. D


    Is faceit undetected? i was wondering about the new faceit client? Thanks for understanding!
  7. L

    Detected Features On Faceit

    The title says it all... and can i buy the cheaper version and still be able to use it on faceit? Also when was the last detection?
  8. A

    Couple Of Questions.

    My first question is if this cheat works on ESEA. It says ESL but I never knew what that really was until now. I would still like to know if it would work on ESEA. My second of question is when I purchase the cheats is there even a SLIGHT chance of me being VACCED? I don't want to worry about...
  9. V

    Pre-sale question

    Hello guys Have a question about CS GO league cheats Is ESP now undetected on gifinity, ESL, CEVO ? And what about aimbot version? It's undetected for gfinity CEVO ESL?
  10. Br0nZy


    Hey guys I'm currently using HM and UnityCheats. I have 1 month left on Unity, so i'm looking to buy LC. I just got a few questions. Is there radar on faceit and is it undetected? Are there good configs for 1 taps on faceit? When was the last detection on faceit and what is EAC? Thanks for...