1. H

    i wanna buy league version for ESL

    is it undetected for ESL right now? and how long have it been undetected if so
  2. S

    csgo multi league version - cevo undetected??

    hello guys ^^ is the csgo multi league version (example 1 month 35$ USD) undetected on the cevo client? and is it undetected on 99dmg league?
  3. Xuniku

    next gen memes hack

  4. D

    Question about status

    Hello guys, is it acutally undetected with the challengeme Anticheat? Best regards
  5. Yhopa

    What are the undetected leagues?

    Hello, I've been a multi-league customer months ago, and after searching for a good cheat, I just thought that I would return here. :) So, what are the undetected leagues and is the activation instant ? (paying with paypal) I wanna play tonight Thanks.
  6. D


    Is faceit undetected? i was wondering about the new faceit client? Thanks for understanding!
  7. L

    Detected Features On Faceit

    The title says it all... and can i buy the cheaper version and still be able to use it on faceit? Also when was the last detection?
  8. A

    Couple Of Questions.

    My first question is if this cheat works on ESEA. It says ESL but I never knew what that really was until now. I would still like to know if it would work on ESEA. My second of question is when I purchase the cheats is there even a SLIGHT chance of me being VACCED? I don't want to worry about...
  9. V

    Pre-sale question

    Hello guys Have a question about CS GO league cheats Is ESP now undetected on gifinity, ESL, CEVO ? And what about aimbot version? It's undetected for gfinity CEVO ESL?
  10. Br0nZy


    Hey guys I'm currently using HM and UnityCheats. I have 1 month left on Unity, so i'm looking to buy LC. I just got a few questions. Is there radar on faceit and is it undetected? Are there good configs for 1 taps on faceit? When was the last detection on faceit and what is EAC? Thanks for...