1. Defiant

    Post your PC setup.

    I know we've got a pc spec thread but how about actual pictures of our setups?
  2. Aaron

    2x aces

    Guy at the end of Clip 2 toggled and later got banned despite us winning; sux2bhim
  3. T

    Dust II Headshot machine

    Special thanks to: Big Shaq @Aaron
  4. thegame

    Buying acc

    So my question is Lets say i want to buy an account but this account had a previous owner. how can the buyer make sure the account wont be reclaimed ever. any tips or ideas ? thanks. also please link some good steam acc for sale or any page that you know that sells
  5. tomato


    Just testings for a bigger movie to get a feel for it :rolleyes: Disclaimer: No External software used making these frags;)
  6. T

    Pure Non-prime experience

    Anyone remember this? Pure non-prime CS:GO experience Kappa
  7. xl3loodx

    How to make 350$ out of 3.94$ (clickbait of doom)

    Found an old video of me unboxing some juicy stuff on OPSkins :p Was with a friend on Discord, I talked to him but Shadowplay sadly didnt record my reaction :(
  8. Aaron

    How to get banned on all Leagues

    1. Give everyone your Steam.
  9. panzer


  10. xans

    Pros Cheating

    So, if they do cheat, which is pretty obvious, why does they use aimkey out from mouse 1 and look blatant af locking through walls? If they have the money, why they don't simply buy something decent that wouldn't look so stupid? #Thoughts
  11. xans


  12. Aaron

    VAC Wave 05/07/17 [in*uria, inte*w*bz R3cheats Chods-Cheats a*mw*re Mutiny 5DollarCheats]

    inte*w*bz, R3cheats, Chods-Cheats, a*mw*re, Mutiny, 5DollarCheats, in*uria, Hentaiware All VAC'd :^) Update: r3cheats chods-cheats a*mw*re mutiny 5dollarcheats ich* 4**cheats r*dey*cheats da*kaim
  13. xans


    There is the reason why you shouldn't buy a 5 dollar cheat VaultBoy ps: The music fits so well lol
  14. BadUSDhub

    LC vs Platinum

    What's the difference between LC and Platinum?
  15. sebus1315

    case opening

    That feeling when after 200 cases you get fcking butt plugs when you see special rare item its like woowowowow yeeee and then :okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay::okay: pls kill me :(
  16. LC1337

    I got trolled hard by

    Hey guys, a friend randomly check my profile and he said that he saw a VAC ban on my profile. And when he refresh it, the message dissapear. I would like to know if it was a bug or if that mean that i'm going to get VAC in some days .. Thanks guys BibleThump