1. Edwin

    Gaming laptop for $1300 (usd)

    Hi guys, Title says it all. I'm trying to purchase a new laptop (mainly for csgo) with $1300. Any recommendations? Yours, Edwin
  2. NishJunkie

    I'm 26, she's 12, she wants me, what do I do?

    Been playing CSGO with a women.. I'm up to level 26, but she's only level 12.. She really wants me in her clan to boost her.. What should I do KappaPride
  3. E

    hello guys, im a new guy.LC can work on 5E ?

    i want buy a 5E and VAC cheat. so LC can work on 5E/B5 these league?and MM....
  4. D

    Latest update auth problems

    Has anyone been successful in starting the cheats? I get auth failed and I've tried well over 20 times. Just wondering if anyone has had success. I assume the password is the forum password?