1. Xuniku

    wad peopl;e think abt us
  2. K

    Some short questions

    Hi Guys, i am not quite sure if this is the right thread for this questions. If its not just delete this thread or move it to where it belongs. I am thinking about re purchasing LC but in before i have some Questions. 1. Is it still possible to apply for beta? 2. Is there any possibilty for me...
  3. W

    Faceit Announcement?

    I've been a long time customer, and I am waiting for the Faceit bypass to be released. Will there be some sort of announcement? I don't plan on buying a sub until the bypass is released, so I am not able to see the discussion about the Faceit thread. Any information is helpful, thanks.
  4. Sluqx

    In Tribute to the old LC times ♥

    Those clips were recorded shortly before the wave hit us, enjoy.
  5. Edwin

    Gaming laptop for $1300 (usd)

    Hi guys, Title says it all. I'm trying to purchase a new laptop (mainly for csgo) with $1300. Any recommendations? Yours, Edwin
  6. N


    LC still working in gamersclub with vip acess? if yes, just aimbot or league only wallhack work too? Thanks
  7. Heraxion

    Playing with multicore off

    Hello! As title saying im playing with multicore off. I got decent fps but wanna increase it little more and thinking of buying new graphic card. Will this help me or do i need to buy otherthings aswell when i play with only 1 Thread? My question is basicly will my fps increase if i buy better...
  8. P


    Hi, its work for gamersclub?
  9. C

    I know faceit and ESEA still updating but how about CEVO

    Just wanna know if CEVO supported ATM or not =[
  10. U

    seeking advice and small intro

    Hello guys, I am a soon-to-be costumer of lc and I was wondering what would the best aimbot feature for me, hopefully some of you can advice me wisely. I am already a good player, i have played against semi and pro teams and i played well, i have knowledge of the game, and i play at lv10 on...
  11. I

    trading games for Multi Cheat Options (ESP, Wallhack, Aimbot, Triggerbot and other features) 1 month

    games im trading -Starwars Battlefront -rank 5 -Overwatch - rank 5 Battlefield 4 - rank 19 comes with all games
  12. L

    Legit cheat settings that can't get banned on faceit.

    Legit cheat settings that can't get banned on faceit.???
  13. Serpius

    Post Your Computer Specs Here!

    This is a fun thread! Post your computer specs! Please DO NOT judge other computer builds! There will be a time and place for that! This thread is NOT for criticizing other people's computers. If you have a specific computer build that you need assistance with, PLEASE create a new thread for...
  14. L

    Just Bough

    I just bought the 3 month plan and whenever anyone posts this message they seem to get replied with a thread but that thread doesnt tell me how im meant to actually download the hack or anything?