1. T


    can i pay with paymentwall in my first time?
  2. R

    Few Questions

    Hey, I was looking into some CSGO Cheats for leagues and came across this and was wondering on a few questions. 1. When was the last detection? 2. Can you use LegueCheats on Facit Client? 3. Is there a limit to the userbase or is fully open/public? 4. Can it be used in Fullscreen? 5. What is...
  3. Whosdaiz

    bans ?

    hi im looking into buying a cheat to use on my main account. i have heard a lot about the quality of lc and was just wondering if anyone can tell me if the cheat has been detected before and how long ago and how often thanks in advance
  4. C

    Last detection?

    I was reading some comments about this cheat and it seems really cool. I just wanted to know when the last detection was for this cheat? How detectable is this cheat?
  5. SilverFang1

    How many detections since release?

    Topic, how many VAC detections has there been since release? (VAC, paid) Thanks in advance